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Why use CameraMatics?

Industry-leading Fleet and Driver Risk Management technology

We understand that operating a business fleet - of any size or type - comes with a range of challenges. We help fleet operators to understand, predict, and manage risk and meet their daily challenges head-on. 

With a key focus on the safety of drivers and vehicles, CameraMatics is a complete, connected solution built around smart camera technology, telematics and GPS tracking. We've added key modules such as Collision Avoidance, Driver Scorecard and Real-time Accident reporting to give tangible results and immediate protection.  

As an AXA customer, you benefit from 10% discount on CameraMatics subscription plans. Contact us today to find out how you can:

  • Improve safety
  • Reduce costs  
  • Ensure compliance

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CameraMatics is a Complete, Easy-to-use Solution: On-board Technology, Fleet Risk Management Software, Compliance and Driver Safety Modules

CameraMatics Dashboard & Fleet Safety Centre

Manage everything in one place, in just 3 clicks

Mobile Apps

Fully featured Driver and Manager Apps for full access, anywhere

Event Log

Automatic Driving Event video footage upload. Location & time-stamped log

Compliance Management Centre

Store documents to ensure and demonstrate compliance

Full HD Connected Cameras & Sensors

Continuous recording from all installed cameras, including when parked. Choose 1-16

Video On-Demand

Instant cloud-based access to live-stream footage or review events. Handy remote download feature

GPS Tracking & Telematics

G-sensor alerts, real-time map view, vehicle status plus geofencing

Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Eradicate distracted driving with AI in-cab coaching - distraction, fatigue

Driver Scorecard

Encourages safer driving. Reward good driving and identify risks

Real-time Accident Reporting and FNOL Reporting 

Driver walkthrough ensures all key information captured

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Collision Avoidance Technologies - Forward Collision, Distance Control, Lane Departure

Checklist, Fuel Purchase & Compliance Management

Paperless, verified fleet management system

With CameraMatics you will benefit from:

  • A single, easy-to-use platform to manage vehicles and drivers
  • Improved safety with intelligent fleet risk management
  • Reduced accidents, incidents and hassle
  • Complete fleet visibility in real-time – from any device
  • Efficiency savings and reduced costs

  • Total compliance management – stay legal and organised

How to access this service

We have a dedicated team who look forward to assisting you. For more information or to book a free consultation with one of our experts please submit your details here:
Book A Free Consultation

Alternatively, call us on +353 (0)1 963 1380 or e-mail - please use Affinity Code AXA10 where requested.

CM Fleet Side UK V3

Protection you cannot afford to be without

Annual savings on insurance-related costs
Reduction in erratic driving behaviours
Reduction in accident claims
ROI within 7 months on average