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How Vehicle Camera Systems Can Save You Thousands On Fuel

29 August 2018 In an article released a few weeks ago, we discussed the many side-benefits of vehicle cameras. One of the benefits mentioned was fuel […]

Why Professional Commercial Drivers Should Insist On Vehicle Camera Systems

22 August 2018 We often speak with fleet operators who tell us that their drivers are a bit unsure and nervous about having vehicle cameras on […]

So, you think installing Vehicle Cameras is just for recording accidents? Think again

8 August 2018 There’s an interesting thing we’ve noticed. People who come looking to install vehicle cameras have two similar traits. They have experienced an accident/s […]

CASE STUDY – Dynes Motor Group

CameraMatics helps Dynes reduce claims payouts and increase roadside safety thanks to CameraMatics For this Vehicle Cameras Case Study, We spoke to long-time customer Dynes Motor […]

CASE STUDY – Martin Ryan & Sons Transport

Why Martin Ryan & Sons Haulage installed CameraMatics:   The haulage company says the biggest benefit of CameraMatics cameras is being able to avoid expensive legal […]

Provision is now CameraMatics – Driving new Standards in Vehicle and Driver Safety, Globally

We invented CameraMatics – we are CameraMatics. That’s why ProVision is now known simply as CameraMatics.  Announcing the rebrand CameraMatics founder and Director Simon Murray said, […]

CASE STUDY – A&T Transport

Reducing Insurance Costs & Increased Peace Of Mind Thanks To CameraMatics We spoke recently to Trevor Roy and Andrew Bruton, co-owners and partners in A&T Transport […]

Vehicle Cameras And The Law – Can Police Seize Camera Footage?

This article pertains specifically to UK law and the associated powers of the Police in the UK. A question we get asked quite often is about […]

Driver Fatigue Warning System And How It Works


Vehicle Cameras And The Law – Driver Facing Cameras

Driver facing cameras can be a contentious issue. CameraMatics can help with the technology and also in getting your staff onside so they recognise the benefits […]

Vehicle Cameras And The Law – Not For Entertainment

Vehicle cameras are an essential add-on for fleet vehicles of all types and sizes. They help combat the growing amount of fraud and also protect your […]

Vehicle Cameras And The Law – Genuine Audio Recording Or Snooping – BEWARE

  This article pertains specifically to UK law and the rules of the road.  David Bowie sang about his musings on Sound and Vision, and many […]