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DVS enforcement is delayed. Transport for London (TfL) has announced that although the Direct Vision Standard will launch on 26 October this year it will not be enforced until the end of February 2021. But are you ready?

TfL says the delay in enforcing the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is ‘to give the freight industry more time to meet the new standards as they face intense demands from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.’

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The Direct Vision Standard is a road safety initiative, part of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero. DVS has been designed to protect all road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists. It measures what drivers can see through their cab windows and ensures all HGV drivers have at least a standard minimum view of the road, and road users, around them.  

Are hauliers and fleet managers ready?

We are keen to ascertain how ready businesses are. We fully appreciate that in the current climate the DVS may not be a top priority. But we’d like to understand how many HGVs still need to take steps to comply, and if there’s a difference between London-based firms and those elsewhere in the UK.  

By answering our poll you’ll be able to see how your preparation for DVS compares to other firms. The poll is completely anonymous. 

You will need a Twitter account to answer a simple question, “How ready are you for the Direct Vision Standard (DVS)?”  You can also leave a comment on Twitter if you want to give more details.

We have two surveys depending on where you’re based, please choose the most relevant to you. Vote in the London DVS readiness poll or the UK-wide DVS readiness poll. 

Perhaps all your vehicles are compliant, and you simply need to apply online for your permit. Or, your vehicles need a safe system fitted but you’ve not looked into it yet.  

DVS will run alongside voluntary compliance schemes such as FORS and COGS. It’s a London-based initiative, run by TfL. However, we can reasonably expect that a similar scheme will be rolled out nationwide in due course – likely starting with other large metropolitan areas such as Manchester and Birmingham.  

Who does the DVS affect?

A common misconception is that only London-based companies need to worry about being DVS compliant. However, any HGV over 12 tonnes (GVW) entering or operating in the Greater London area must comply.  

Whether you have one lorry or 100, they will all need to be DVS compliant – or, from February 2021 will incur penalty charges of up to £550 when entering Greater London.  

While some vehicles are automatically compliant, others will need to retrofit a ‘safe system’ to receive a permit. The DVS safe system brings the driver’s vision to the minimum required standard with the addition of basic safety equipment such a class V and VI mirrors, cameras, sensors, sidebars and safety stickers.  

We previously explained more about the detail in our article Direct Vision Standard is coming! 

When is the right time?

Finances are extremely tight now for many hauliers and fleet operators. Trucks may currently be parked up. This might mean that now could be the perfect time to apply for your permit.  

If your vehicles don’t currently meet the requirements, forewarned is forearmed and you have time to research your options. The alternative may be a panic buy when you’re busy trying to get your business back on track after coronavirus ends. 

Most suppliers, including CameraMatics, are still operational and would be very pleased to assist you in your decisions about meeting the Direct Vision Standard. February 2021 will be here quicker than you think, so it may be wise to start investigating your options now.