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CameraMatics is pleased to have been chosen by leading insurer, AXA, as their Fleet and Driver Risk Management partner. This offers AXA Commercial Policyholders the opportunity to access exclusive discounts on CameraMatics subscriptions.

As essential as it is, operating vehicles can place a significant financial and operational burden on businesses. As well as the obvious costs such as buying or leasing vehicles, insurance premiums, fuel, etc., claims for accidents and prangs can be par for the course.  

Accidents have financial and human costs 

The cost of any incident is not simply the repair cost – or insurance policy excess. There are a range of knock-on costs after any accident or incident. These can include staff time dealing with the incident and inevitable admin, the opportunity cost of a vehicle being off-road and out of action – sometimes leading to lost business, time off work for injury or treatment of the employee involved in the accident, to name but a few.  

The human cost is fundamentally important and must not be ignored - no employer wants to put their staff at unnecessary risk and employers have a responsibility to keep their employees as safe as possible. A recent study by UCL found that around 1 in 3 road deaths, 1 in 5 seriously injured casualties and 1 in 4 casualties of all severities are sustained when someone is driving for work.  

Prevention – and Cure 

The old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ is certainly true for commercial vehicle and driver safety. Prevention is what CameraMatics is all about. We want to help our customers prevent accidents and incidents before they happen – and be better prepared when they do.

The CameraMatics solution is much more than a hardware video telematics and tracking safety solution, although these technologies play an important part.

Our intelligent technologies work together to give customers the power to transform fleet and driver safety through prevention via risk profiling. At the same time there are myriad operational benefits around operational efficiency, compliance, and financial savings – not to mention safety improvements.  

CameraMatics is not just a preventative tool – it can also help cure. Dynes Motor Company came to us for help with a significant level of unsafe and erratic driving in their Roadside Recovery operation. Through full implementation of CameraMatics video-based safety solutions they saw a complete transformation in the quality of driving. In just a short time, Dynes saw a 72% reduction in erratic/unsafe driving behaviours. Ultimately this led to a 23% reduction in accident claims. 

Commenting on the partnership, Meryvn O’Callaghan, co-founder and CEO said, “We’re pleased to have been chosen as AXA Ireland’s Fleet and Driver Risk Management partner. We look forward to helping AXA Commercial policyholders understand and control their business vehicle risks and make their fleets safer, smarter and more efficient.” 

AXA Ireland Customers can find out more about the offer via the AXA website

To avail of this opportunity use the Affinity Code: AXA10 when booking a demo or requesting a quote.