Dual front dash and driver facing cameras

Van fleet connected dash cam solution from less than €5 per week.

  • High definition smart AI front dash and interior cameras
  • 4G, Wi-Fi Bluetooth, and GPS wireless connectivity
  • 6 Axis G-Sensor impact and near miss detection and panic button
  • Rapid installation
  • API integrations

Automated fleet dash cam safety solution

Dual front dash and driver facing cameras integrated with our connected platform simultaneously captures video footage of the driver and the road ahead.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) triggers automatic video recording before, during, and after any event, and this footage is sent in real-time alerts to fleet managers.

Dashmatics on platform and app

Complete visibility and control

Simple intuitive apps automate manual fleet admin processes such as driver coaching, accident reporting, maintenance checks, and delivery confirmations to enable the capturing and sharing of vital information in real-time. When combined with video they enable remote field specialists to demonstrate compliance in a timely cost-efficient manner.

  • Advanced van fleet video telematics
  • GPS tracking and live data monitor drivers’ route and speed
  • Real-time location, refuelling, and fuel consumption
  • Powerful dashboards track performance indicators such as harsh breaking and/or speeding
  • Device status monitoring

Fleet insurance savings

Lower the risks to your van fleet by improving the safety of your drivers, deterring theft and fraudulent claims, and use footage of real incidents to deliver powerful driver self-coaching, and build a culture of safety.

Use fleet data insights for a more accurate reflection of your risk,  demonstrate improvements, helping you negotiate lower premiums. eFNOL improves the speed of adjudication, fraud detection, and damage estimates.

  • Nurture a safety culture
  • Defend against fraudulent claims
  • Automate FNOL and claims management
  • Exonerate drivers
  • Reduce vehicle down time

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DashMatics Driver Empowerment, Green-Ways Couriers

DashMatics has been designed to improve visibility, digitize processes, and manage risk; ensuring drivers are protected and accident claims are handled efficiently.