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CameraMatics Features

More than a 'black box' in your vehicles; CameraMatics gives you full risk management



Our Driver App has a ‘hot button’ to notify key people of an accident. It also has a step-by-step accident reporting process, and can pinpoint driver location to send help. As well as paperless vehicle pre-checks, you can also download video for driver training or re-training.

Plus, AI-enabled driver warnings - such as Forward Collision, Driver Fatigue/Distraction and Distance Control.


Complete visibility of potential risks. Risk levels are controlled by your organisation with full resolution process. CameraMatics can be modified to integrate with your company rules & systems using our in-house team of Software Developers.

To control insurance, video evidence of fraudulent claims is available for up to 8 weeks – and can be downloaded to store on your computer. Cameras capture proof of delivery and deter theft from vehicles. Definitive evidence and comprehensive fleet road-worthiness records also help reduce insurance-related costs.


MOT, VRT, Tax, Insurance, and Servicing renewal warnings ensure your documentation is up to date. Video footage can also provide evidence that Health & Safety and company rules were followed. All stored in the cloud with on-demand retrieval.

Driver ScoreCards encourage better and legal driving, but managers also receive real-time notification of high-speed or erratic driving.

Driver ScoreCard

Driver ScoreCard

Encourages better driving and legal road use. Enables you to reward good driving.
Smart cameras

Smart cameras

Real-time diagnostics to report camera faults - never miss an accident.


AI-enabled warnings; Forward Collision, Driver Fatigue/Distraction and Distance Control.
Live video

Live video

View live footage. Video available for 8 weeks; download to store on your computer.
Safety checks

Compliance management

Safety checks, accident reports and compliance document management.
Cloud platform

Connected cloud platform

One system; access key information on any device, anywhere, any time.
Accident reporting

Accident & FNOL reporting

Emergency 'hot button' to call help, plus step-by-step accident reporting.
Tracking location

Vehicle location

Pinpoint your vehicles on Here Maps; track, record and review.

Full visibility of your fleet;
any device, anywhere, any time

The CameraMatics App

CameraMatics Go is the ultimate fleet risk management and compliance app. Used in partnership with a CameraMatics Cloud Plan or stand-alone to manage safety checks, accident reports and fleet compliance data, this app delivers a key suite of features for powerful, yet simple, fleet management on-the-go.

Whether you’re just out of the office or out of the country, you can manage your entire fleet using your phone or tablet, with just this app.

This app continues CameraMatics mission to empower and simplify the lives of both fleet managers and drivers by combining all key fleet risk management, safety and compliance needs into a single powerful platform.

Manager App features
CameraMatics Manager App video

Driver App features
CameraMatics Driver App video

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