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Connected Vehicle Camera Monitoring Plans

Get Access To The CameraMatics Command Centre To Begin Enjoying Full CameraMatics Fleet Management

Every CameraMatics System is fitted with remote connectivity technology and one of the industry's most accurate GPS systems available today. This provides the dual benefit of being able to track vehicle movements (both live and historic) and also to view the feeds from the fitted cameras (also live and historic).

In addition, you benefit from the ability to receive and review alerts based on rules that are important to you, such a s G-Force (heavy braking, swerving and acceleration), Speed, Alarm, and more. Finally, you get at-a-glance status of the hardware in your vehicles, ensuring you know immediately of any issues.

These benefits are provided as part of a small monthly vehicle fee. This gives you access to the CameraMatics cloud-based Command Centre and allows you to choose the specific level of connected plan for each vehicle separately.




App Centre

Licence to Checklist Manager, Accident Management Centre, Fleet and Driver Manager (Software Only Solutions)

Command Centre

Licence to CameraMatics Command Centre with Live Video access, Remote Download, GPS Tracking, System Alerts & Driver events.

CameraMatics Suite

Open access to complete CameraMatics Software suite, including Command Centre and App Centre.