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CameraMatics Solutions are modular and configurable to meet your fleet's needs. Learn more about the different modules which work together with the CameraMatics Suite to give 360˚ visibility and protection.
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Modular & Configurable

A setup to suit your needs

Our specialists will work with you to understand your fleet's specific needs and configure the most suitable solution for you. Modules include:

  • HD Connected Vehicle Cameras
  • Sensors & Alerts
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS)
  • DVR Storage Devices

CameraMatics is an end-to-end Fleet Risk Management Solution offering 360˚ visibility and protection. We utilise the very best hardware which integrates seamlessly with our platform.

Configurable Camera Technology

HD Connected Cameras

We offer a range of robust and reliable smart connected cameras. Choose your setup from 1-16 cameras, guided by our experienced specialists who will advise on the best configuration for your vehicles.

  • Forward-facing Camera
  • Rear Camera
  • Side Cameras
  • Blindspot Camera
  • In-cab Camera
  • Cargo Camera
  • Additional camera(s) for bespoke or specialist vehicles
  • ADAS & DMS cameras for collision avoidance 
  • 7” in-cab display (or integration into vehicle infotainment system)
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Collision Avoidance Systems

CameraMatics ADAS & DMS increases driver safety and reduces driver-related accidents by monitoring the high-risk driving behaviours which are proven to cause collisions.

Real-time in-cab driver coaching via audible warnings:

  • Forward Collision
  • Rear Collision
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Driver Distraction
  • Distance Control
  • Lane Departure

The CameraMatics ADAS system comprises a forward-facing camera and driver-facing infrared camera, along with an ADAS Processing Module. 

Safety First

Proximity Sensors and Alerts

We provide and install proximity sensors and turn alerts which work alongside cameras to increase the safety of HGVs and large vehicles. 

  • Proximity Sensors

Alert the driver to the presence of a pedestrian or cyclist close to the vehicle - and particularly in the driver's blind spot.

  • Alerts

When the driver signals left an audible warning sounds to the exterior of the vehicle to alert cyclists and pedestrians to potential danger. The blind spot camera is also activated and the view from the camera display on the in-cab screen.

Proximity Sensors
Dvr (3)
Powerful processing

DRIVE Gateway DVRs

The CameraMatics DRIVE Gateway is a top-quality, multi-channel recording and storage device, the engine of your CameraMatics system. 

The high-capacity DVR stores recorded video and tracking data and allowing fleet managers to review footage remotely regardless of vehicle location. 

CameraMatics DRIVE provides a professionally installed DVR, which is discrete, secure and tamper-proof. 4, 8 and 16 channel models are available depending on your choice of camera configuration.