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The only Fleet Risk Management Solution you need. CameraMatics Dashboard, Fleet Safety Centre and Driver & Manager Mobile Apps. Designed by fleet experts around the everyday challenges of needs of business vehicle operators, CameraMatics gives you full visibility and complete control.
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Fleet Risk Management Made Easy

The CameraMatics Suite

An intelligent, easy-to-use solution giving you full visibility and complete control of your business vehicles and drivers - in as little as just 3 clicks. 

  • CameraMatics Dashboard
  • Fleet Safety Centre
  • Driver and Manager Apps

Manage every aspect of your fleet in one place, wherever you are. 

View and Manage Your entire fleet

CameraMatics Dashboard

Displays all key information relating to onboard technology. Instant access in as little as three clicks:

  • Instant Fleet Overview
  • Live real-time footage from any vehicle
  • GPS Tracking including vehicle status
  • Recorded Footage with remote download
  • Automatic upload of alert-driven footage 
  • Telematics, with G-sensor notifications and log 
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) 
  • DMS (Driver Monitoring System) Technology 
  • Customisable Notifications & Reports
  • Live Hardware Health Status
CM Dashboard V1 (1)
CM Fleet Safety Centre Laptop Mockup
Revolutionise Fleet Safety Management

Fleet Safety Centre

Visualises all key Fleet Safety information in a handy overview to enable you to understand, predict and manage Driver and Vehicle Risk. 

  • Accident & Incident Management 
  • Vehicle Safety Checklists 
  • Fuel Purchase Manager 
  • Fleet & Driver Admin 
  • Compliance & Fleet Information   
  • Driver Scorecards & Performance
Take it Mobile

Manager App

With CameraMatics there is no need to be tied to the office to manage your fleet. The full platform works seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, giving you full access, anywhere

  • Access all elements of the CameraMatics Dashboard and Fleet Safety Centre
  • Instantly view live and historic footage from any camera
  • View and Manage Alerts and Reports
  • Full access to GPS tracking
  • Manage Accidents and Incidents
  • Have Complete Compliance Control
  • View and update Documents and Policies
CM Manager App Tablet
Lorry Driver Using Device V1
Ditch the paper

Driver App

Move on from inefficient and outdated paper-based systems. Full visibility, verified compliance and remote access.

  • Daily Vehicle Walkaround Checks

Standard and bespoke checklists, timestamped & verified records plus manager notifications

  • Accident Management

Full post-accident or incident driver walkthrough so nothing is missed; emergency hot button alerts manager. Automatic FNOL.

See CameraMatics for yourself!

Book an online demo with one of our experts to see the CameraMatics platform in action and explore how we can help make managing your fleet easier.

designed for fleets

Smart, easy-to-use solutions for fleets

Designed by our in-house fleet experts to meet all your vehicle and fleet safety challenges head-on, CameraMatics is a full Fleet Risk Management solution with an impressive range of important and essential features.

From connected cameras to accident reporting and fuel purchase logs – and everything in-between.

CameraMatics is technology you cannot afford to be without.

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Don’t be left behind.

Telematics is evolving into CameraMatics

Data is valuable, but it can be overwhelming - and to be meaningful, data needs analysis. 

Let CameraMatics do the hard work for you.

Our system collects vast amounts of data from in and around each vehicle, and instantly processes it with our proprietary intelligent technology. Then, we visualise the data and present you with the key information you need, in a format that makes sense.