Geotab Live Tracking System Demonstration Showing Features

Simultaneous Multi Camera Download

  • Share incident footage in-system (no need to download to device)
  • Event alerts sent with 10 second snapshot pre and post event
  • Download 5 minutes of footage from multiple cameras at once
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Assign a Driver
to a Vehicle

  • Track the number of events associated with a specific vehicle
  • Event footage, date, time, location, and accelerometer data presented in one dashboard
  • Send driver a digital alert to have them review and acknowledge driving event
Geotab Live Vehicle Tracking System

Driver Coaching

  • Digitize driver coaching (notify and monitor driver acknowledgement in-app)
  • Acknowledge both good and bad driver behaviour
  • Driver Scorecard generated based on levels of distraction, speeding and harsh driving events
Geotab Live Tracking System Demonstration Showing Features

Free Safety Modules

  • In-house developed safety modules
  • Comes as standard, reducing spend on third-party safety modules
  • Growing library of topics, including: adapting to conditions, driving in auto-pilot etc.
Geotab Live Tracking System Demonstration Showing Features

Intuitive and Easy Navigation

  • Fixed left-hand navigation bar, allowing quicker movement through system
  • Increased synchronicity between features
  • Eliminate notification fatigue by configuring notifications to specific teams

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