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DashMatics: automate service fleet safety and performance

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DashMatics utilizes video, advanced AI detection and vehicle and driver data to give you a full end to end insight into your fleet operation.

Purpose built solution designed to streamline operations, reduce cost, and have a fully, easy to use, integrated system, with the following key benefits:

  • Exonerate drivers
  • Automate FNOL
  • Accident prevention
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Instant real-time visibility

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How DashMatics will improve your
fleet management operation

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Dual front dash and interior facing cameras integrated with our connected platform simultaneously capture video footage of the driver and the road ahead.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) triggers automatic video recording before, during and after any event and this footage is sent in real-time alerts to fleet managers.

Driver attentiveness is monitored, and voice alerts can be triggered in response to:

  • Drowsiness
  • Distraction
  • Mobile phone usage

Smart workflows

Simple intuitive apps digitize traditional manual and paper-based fleet management processes such as driver coaching, accident reports and FNOL, maintenance, and delivery reporting to enable the capturing and sharing of vital information in real-time, reducing the reliance on human memory and streamlining:

  • Claims and risk management
  • Training and development
  • Remote workforce management

When combined with high-definition video they enable drivers and fleet operators to demonstrate compliance, provide indisputable evidence to protect against false claims and resolve genuine claims in a timely cost-efficient manner.

Smart Workflows
Responsive Fleet Management

Lean, agile, responsive fleet management

Real-time visibility, intuitive dashboards, automated incident recording and digitized processes enable fleet operators to manage risk and empower and retain drivers.

Insurers can develop better informed risk profiles of fleets, passing on savings to fleet operators where appropriate and expediting the claims process.

Drivers are empowered with a simple easy-to-use app enabling remote learning, simplified admin, reduced vehicle down-time and the peace-of-mind provided by automated collection of incident related evidence.

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