Intelligent video-based automated fleet safety and performance

Mounted multi-directional HD vehicle CCTV cameras with cutting-edge video telematics and AI technology integrated with our connected IoT platform enables total end-to-end security and 360 degree visibility.

This transformative real-time support to drivers and fleet safety teams can bring about a step-change to the safety and performance of commercial truck transport and logistics and bus and coach fleets.

  • Forward camera, side cameras, rear camera, cargo camera, driver-facing camera and dash camera options
  • In-cab display monitor and CameraMatics Drive Gateway
  • Full-vehicle sensors provide detailed GPS and telematic data so you can see the status of every vehicle
  • Side-scan and corner-scan collision warning sensors
  • Live view and recorded footage available on demand
  • ELD Compliance powered by GeoTab
  • API integrations

Safety Centre

The risk of fatalities and injury, direct and indirect cost of collisions, rising insurance premiums and potential legal liabilities have made fleet safety programs a core element necessary to ensure high performing fleets.

CameraMatics Safety Centre enables fleet managers develop best in class driver safety, loyalty and reward programs to deter risky driving habits and reduce claims and operating costs.

  • Powerful fleet safety performance data, insights, and dashboards
  • Monitor fleet at a glance, or zoom in on a specific vehicle at the touch of a button
  • Smart alerts, reports and notifications mean you always have your finger on the pulse
  • GPS tracking and live telematics data monitor drivers’ route and speed
  • Full access to every vehicle on the move

Remote compliance reporting

Promote fuel efficiency and eco-driving styles

Rapidly identify and address systemic fleet inefficiencies, vehicle down-time causes, and fuel inefficiencies.

Scorecards linked to trigger events ensure a rigorous approach to put achieving KPIs at the heart of the day-to-day running of your fleet.

Linking achievements to reward programs can also be used as an effective means of motivation, promoting eco-driving behaviors, devolving accountability, and empowering drivers, teams and depots.

  • Track performance indicators such as harsh breaking and/or speeding
  • Develop and improve driver safety, loyalty, and reward programs
  • Set and monitor targets
  • Laser target driver coaching initiatives

Insurance savings

When digital compliance checks are combined with HD-video footage it enables drivers and fleet operators to demonstrate compliance, provide indisputable evidence to protect against false claims and resolve genuine claims in a timely cost-efficient manner.

Use fleet data insights for a more accurate reflection of your risk,  demonstrate improvements, which help you negotiate lower premiums. eFNOL improves the speed of adjudication, fraud detection, and damage estimates.

  • Incidents and accidents auto-captured on video
  • Full data logs and historical footage instantly available
  • Digital claims management and eFNOL
  • Drivers exonerated from fraudulent or false claims
  • Insurance savings


Need a reason to stop deliberating?

The Direct Vision Standard was designed to eliminate blind spots from HGVs and reduce their risk to cyclists and pedestrians. All lorries over 12 tonnes (GVW) entering or operating in Greater London must hold a valid HGV safety permit.

The safety permit allows you to comply with the direct vision standard and drive into London legally. Products that may be required depending on the star rating of your vehicles include; a sensor system to cover the nearside, a nearside camera monitor system, left turn external audible warning and a warning sticker.

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