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Protection you can’t afford to be without.

Keeping your vehicles and drivers on the road safely and efficiently is crucial to keeping your business moving.

Proactively managing vehicles and drivers with CameraMatics leads to significant efficiency savings – reducing money, time, and hassle so you can get on with your business.

How do fleets make savings with CameraMatics?

Insurance Savings

  • Customers report savings of around 20% per year on insurance-related costs.  
  • Video-Based Safety and connected vehicle cameras keep a lid on premiums. 
  • CameraMatics gives you incontrovertible evidence to avoid fradulent claims, Nuclear Verdicts and ‘crash for cash’ scams.
  • Camera footage and data speeds up the resolution process.
Insurance Savings
Staff Time US

Operational Efficiencies

  • Streamlining vehicle & driver workflows and planning maintenance efficiently using our apps leads to less vehicle off-road time 
  • Improving driving quality with CameraMatics causes less wear and tear on vehicles and fewer collisions and incidents 
  • Fuel efficiency savings are made by better quality driving (less harsh braking, idling, speeding etc).

Staff Time Savings

  • Avoiding incidents and crashes leads to significantly less staff time dealing with insurance claims 
  • Customers spend less time juggling multiple platforms
  • CameraMatics processes and visualizes data so you don’t have to.
Staff Time

A Solution that Pays for Itself

Annual savings on insurance-related costs
Reduction in erratic & unsafe driving behaviors
Reduction in collision & accident claims
ROI within 7 months on average

Savings Pods Images Mcculla

McCulla Ireland

Installing a connected camera system from CameraMatics led to annual savings across the fleet of £200k for McCulla Ireland.

Savings Pods Images Martin Ryan

Martin Ryan & Sons Haulage

CameraMatics has saved Martin Ryan & Sons Haulage money, time and hassle – as well as providing peace of mind.

Savings Pods Images Maritime

Maritime Transport

Quality technology support from CameraMatics helps Maritime Transport manage their large fleet smartly and efficiently.

Savings Pods Images Dynes

Dynes Motor Company

Dynes Motor Company had a 72% reduction in erratic and unsafe driving behaviours, leading to significant savings.

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