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company mission

Driven by Safety

We are innovators, leading the way in Fleet and Driver Risk Management across the world. We provide transformational cutting-edge technology, excellence in customer service, and effective operational solutions.

We are dedicated to driving new standards in vehicle and driver safety, globally.



Our vision

To be the industry-leading global provider of vehicle and driver safety technology. We want all our customers to be ‘wowed’ by our customer focus and dedication to add value to their business. 

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Our values

Powered by Vision, Driven by Safety

With 1.35 million deaths and up to 50 million injuries (WHO) and on the world’s roads each year, improving the safety of drivers and all road users has never been more important.

We believe reducing risk and improving the safety of drivers and vehicles must be a priority for every company that operates vehicles. Incidents, collisions, and losses are not inevitable and can be prevented, while at the same time creating efficiencies across vehicle fleets of all types and sizes.

We will continue to provide a range of intelligent, technologically excellent, and user-friendly solutions to empower companies to improve safety, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.

To support this vision, we draw on the following key values:

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Safety & Security
  • Reputation & Trust

Our Key Values

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Our technology is market-leading and cutting-edge.

Our platform is dynamic, scalable for the future and interconnected.

We are constantly evolving and improving our technology.

Designed around fleet needs; centred on driver and vehicle safety.

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Our world-leading technology is driving new standards in fleet management.

First-class customer service.

Dedicated customer success team.

Track record of customer business success with proven results.

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Safety & Security

We protect drivers and businesses and improve driver safety.

Our cloud-based platform guarantees the security of information.

Essential security and protection for fleets and businesses of all sizes and types.

Our customers achieve full ROI in an average of 5-7 months.

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Reputation & Trust

We are experts with over 20 years fleet industry experience.

We are easy to work with and offer personal service.

Our solutions are safe, secure and reliable.

We are trusted partners. Integrity is at the core of our values.