Challenges for energy and utilities

In mining and drilling inexact positioning, lost or malfunctioning equipment, and delayed response to alerts can result in millions in additional costs.

Extensive use of contractors and a wide variety of vehicles and heavy-duty equipment result in highly mixed fleets.

Heavy reliance on vehicles and equipment mean asset maintenance is crucial to keeping operations running smoothly.

  • Mixed fleet composed of a wide variety of manufacturers

  • Operate a valuable fleet of heavy-duty equipment across variety of remote locations

  • Regular servicing and maintenance is critical to minimize vehicle downtime

Asset tracking

Keep track of expensive remotely located mixed fleet assets.

Monitor utilization, prevent unauthorized use, and receive notifications in case of theft of loss.

  • Advanced telematics data inc. google street view, snail trail, speed and fuel over-layed onto mapping

  • Monitor utilization, location, and excessive idle times

  • Advanced geofencing to ensure assets are in required locations

  • Dynamic searching by driver, location, or vehicle

  • Bluetooth enabled asset tracking

Energy & Utilities Vehicles

Protect remote workers

Give your engineers and technicians the tools and peace-of-mind to work more confidently and safely.

  • Collision avoidance, fatigue, and distraction alerts

  • HD video enabled rapid incident investigations with full logs and historical footage

  • Mounted connected cameras with live feed and pedestrian sensors eliminate blind spots

  • Digital pre-trip and post-trip safety checks

  • Panic button

“Our staff not only have to act professionally on the public highways... the arrival at a site and having to safely offload tons of scaffolding, is where the difficult part of the day begins”.”

Scaffolding Services


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