The Internet of Things, for us, is an Internet of Drivers,

It is an opportunity to speed up, deepen and enrich the critical collaboration between remote and mobile teams.

Smart configurable cameras integrated with our connected platform capture live video footage of the driver and the road ahead.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) triggers automatic video recording before, during and after any incident to provide indisputable evidence to protect against false claims and resolve genuine claims in a timely cost-effective manner.
CameraMatics for Passenger Transport

Easy checklist

The fleet manager can create and customize checklists that will be accessible by drivers in the driver app. The driver must confirm their vehicle to start the checklist process, only checklists applicable to that vehicle will be shown as options.

  • Harsh acceleration and deceleration

  • Cruise control usage

  • Eco-speed

  • Excessive idling or coasting

  • Fuel usage

Passenger Bus Driver
  • Auto-captured video-supported evidencing of claims for driver exoneration

  • eFNOL improving the speed of adjudication, fraud detection, and damage estimates

Champion technology for champion truck racers

Our customers demand rugged, resilient, robust and most importantly reliable technology.

What better, exhilarating, adrenaline-fueled, fun arena is there to test the power of our platform than competing in the brilliant British Truck Racing Championship in support of Steve Powell.

A solution tailored to you

Our flexible platform consists of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled together to suit your unique fleet management needs.
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