Challenges for emergency services

As demands upon the emergency services change and the backlog of care grows, protection and empowerment of first responders to deliver better outcomes for the public must be high on the list of priorities.

  • Road accidents involving emergency vehicles 

  • Threat of attacks and abuse to first responders

  • Theft and damage to vehicles and equipment

Collision avoidance systems

Give your drivers the tools to drive more confidently and safely.

  • Blind spot cameras provide safety to road users

  • In cab driver fatigue or distraction alerts

  • Voice-tech eliminates dangers of phone checking

Give managers the big picture

Live-view through mounted connected cameras give the total picture as it happens, or can be retrieved at a later date.

Our intuitive, user-friendly platform provides unparalleled visibility and a simple approach to deliver greater fleet efficiency.

  • Reduce insurance costs with more accurate risk profiles

  • Driver scorecards enable you to track and reward great driving

  • Rapid evidence based incident investigations

Protect first responders

Seamless integration with existing control box for lights and sirens combined with indisputable real-time video evidence enables emergency services to demonstrate compliance, provide indisputable evidence against false claims, and resolve genuine claims in a cost-effective manner.

  • Deter threatening behaviour

  • Reduce false claims and complaints

  • Give first responders peace of mind


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