Intelligent video-based driver safety

Passenger Bus Driver

Smart AI technology enables the auto-capture, recording and notification via alerts of trigger events / incidents.

  • In cab sensors detect other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists that’re dangerously close

  • Driver distraction and fatigue alerts

  • Aggressive driving e.g. harsh braking or cornering

  • Telematics, with G-sensor notifications and log

Optimize fleet efficiency

CameraMatics InfoMatics Dashboard with Live Tracking Data on the Map

Powerful data visualizations translate big data from vehicles and apps to highlight trends and to provide actionable insights.

Rapidly identify and address fleet and fuel inefficiencies, and vehicle down-time causes.

  • Monitor and set targets

  • Activate driver self-coaching

  • Manage and reduce unproductive mileage

  • Improve fuel efficiency to reduce carbon footprint

  • Promote eco-driving styles

Automate fleet admin

Fleet Managers

Smart fleet management system workflows automate manual paperwork and compliance to make ongoing fleet management easy and efficient.

Processes such as driver coaching, accident reports and FNOL, maintenance checks and delivery reports shared by remote workers in real time.

  • Powerful collaboration between remote and mobile teams

  • Digital claims and risk management

  • Automated maintenance scheduling

  • Pre-trip and post-trip time-stamped digital safety checks

Customer success story

Maritime Transport

Running a business of this size, we need technology support in order to get the efficiencies out of the business and to make sure we’re working as smartly as we can