CameraMatics All-In-One Fleet Management System

All-in-one Fleet Management Platform

GPS tracking, high-definition vehicle camera and compliance solutions for your fleet.

  • AI Pedestrian Detection and Driver Monitoring (DMS)

  • Advanced analytics and league tables

  • Analytics including excessive idling and fuel usage

  • Direct Vision Standard and FORS/ CLOCS compliance

CameraMatics AI Dash Cam Demonstration On Our Fleet Management System

AI Dual Dash Cameras

Connected fleet dash cam solution. Protect your fleet with dual front dash and driver-facing camera.

  • Prevent road accidents

  • Reduce insurance premiums

  • Video evidence to support faster claims processing

  • Distracted driving detection

CameraMatics Tracking Platform Can Improve Your Fleet Efficiency

Advanced Fleet tracking

Control fuel, improve safety, and optimize efficiency to achieve your sustainable operations goals.

  • Real-time vehicle tracking & live view

  • Identify depots, vehicles or drivers that need attention

  • Cut driving time & optimise drop routes

AI Cameras Predict Imminent Collisions And Send Instant In-Cab Feedback

Fleet Compliance

Mitigate Risk and Environmental Impact. Comply with fleet regulatory and insurance requirements.


  • Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and FORS compliant Safe System.

  • Remote Tachograph & ELD Hours of Service (HOS) compliance with Fuel Card integration.

  • Analytics & alerts to track performance and accurately identify non-compliance.

Simplicity, configurability and driver-centricity

An intuitive, simple yet configurable vehicle telematics operations cloud to enable you to reap the maximum benefits in your unique business.