All-in-one solution

Fleet Management System Accessible Via Different Devices

Our user-friendly driver and manager apps harness cutting-edge cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and sensors.

Capturing and processing footage and data in real-time to revolutionize fleet and fleet compliance management.

Benefits include:

  • Driver self-coaching

  • Pre-trip and post-trip maintenance and safety checks

  • Equipment delivery reports

  • Electronic First Notice of Loss (eFNOL)

  • Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliant

Rapid incident investigation

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Compliance

Digitally manage incident investigation, removing the reliance on human memory. Instead information is captured in the moment.

The fleets safety manager can set a predetermined procedure for the driver to follow. Prompting them with necessary questions to ensure vital information is recorded pertinent to effective incident resolution.

Such as capturing details related to vehicles, involved parties, 3rd party witnesses, and the police.

Drivers can also capture and store further videos and images to support footage captured by the camera system.

All this information will be compiled to produce an electronic First Notice of Loss (eFNOL).

Fleet insurance savings

Fleet Vehicle Operations

Insurance is all about risk assessment. Improve driver safety, deter vandalism, theft and fraudulent claims, by fitting a camera system.

Real fleet data insights showing a more accurate reflection of your risk and demonstrating improvements help insurers develop a more informed risk profile of your fleet, putting you in a better position to negotiate a lower premium.

  • Nurture a safety culture

  • Defend against fraudulent claims

  • Automate FNOL and claims management

Customer Success Story

Mr. Binman

It has made life very easy. If there were issues before, it could take 3 or 4 days to resolve, where as now, with cameras, they can be resolved there and then“.


What is FNOL?

The first notice of loss (FNOL) is the first report made to an insurer following loss, theft, or damage of a vehicle or other insured asset.

What is compliance in fleet management?

Compliance is the need for vehicle drivers and fleet operators that employ them to comply with regulatory and insurance requirements.

The aim of compliance and risk mitigation is to ensure the safety of employees and other road users, reduce accidents and any associated legal fees and fines.

What is DVS and am I compliant?

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) measures HGV driver visibility directly through their cab windows indicating the level of risk to other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, close to the vehicle. All HGVs over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight operating in Greater London must have a valid HGV safety permit or will be subject to a penalty.

What is Vision Zero and am I compliant?

Vision Zero is a traffic safety policy not a regulation. It was originally developed in Sweden but has become popular around the world and aims to reduce road related fatalities and serious injuries to zero. Vision Zero systems prioritize the safety of the most vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.