Passenger Bus Driver

Challenges for passenger transit

Passenger transport operators navigate busy, built-up areas or at high speed on motorways meaning they’ve a duty of care to their passengers, other road users and the environment. They’re also potentially subject to increased risk of abuse to drivers, and vandalism to their vehicles.

  • Difficult manoeuvring in stations, depots, and garages

  • Collisions with other road users due to blind spots

  • Abuse to drivers and vandalism to vehicles

  • Fuel emissions and environmental impact of operations

  • Fraudulent personal injury claims

Buses On A Road

Collision avoidance systems

Give your drivers the tools to drive more confidently and safely.

  • Mounted connected smart cameras with pedestrian alerts provide total visibility

  • In-cab driver fatigue or distraction voice alerts

  • Voice-tech eliminates dangers of phone checking

Coaches On A Motorway

Complete protection, complete control

Provide fleet managers complete visibility.

  • Deter threatening behavior and vandalism to vehicles

  • Exonerate drivers from fraudulent claims

  • Automate claims processing and safety checks

  • Reduce insurance costs with more accurate risk profiles

  • Enable rapid investigations with full logs and historical footage

Passenger Eco

Drive fleet efficiency targets

The pressures on passenger transit fleets to reduce emissions and their carbon footprint to help fight climate change are here to stay.

Optimize fuel efficiency, reduce wear and tear and achieve your sustainability goals.

  • Pinpoint vehicles with the highest fuel consumption and their routes

  • Advanced fuel data inc. fill ups, fuel usage and MPG – Fuel theft alerts also

  • Eco-driving style tracking excessive idling, cruise control usage, coasting, and harsh driving

  • Vehicle service reminders and management and repair costs portal

  • Set and monitor sustainability and fleet efficiency targets


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