CameraMatics All-In-One Fleet Management System

Instant Visibility: Less Risk, Better Compliance 

Manage risk by utilising a comprehensive GPS tracking system, connected cameras, compliance, AI & telematics, in a single package to prevent accidents and identify potential safety and performance issues.

  • Monitor fleet at a glance, or zoom in on a specific vehicle at the touch of a button

  • Set geo-boundaries around loading spots, rest areas, destinations and receive automated reports

  • Tacho downloads & fuel card integration

CameraMatics Real Time Data On The Fleet Management Platform

Streamline Fleet Management Solutions: Get More Done With Less

Transformative real-time support to drivers and fleet managers to make a step-change to the safety and performance of commercial HGV haulage, coach and van fleets.

  • Centralized fleet safety performance data

  • Driver scorecards, asset utilization, mileage & fuel usage

  • Video evidence to support faster insurance claims processing

CameraMatics Tachograph Data Allows You To View Drivers And Their Status In A Live Map

Automate Compliance: Tachograph Data Remote Download

Digitizing your tachograph data allows you to view drivers and their status in a live map including start time, time remaining, next break due, next rest due and much more.

  • See infringements, print out driver debriefs, run reports for missing mileage and update unknown periods

  • Coach and incentivize individual performance and compliance

Go Beyond The Dashcam

A combination of mounted HD-quality vehicle CCTV cameras and sensors with AI technology gives drivers 360-degree visibility around the vehicle via an in-cab monitor, alerting them early to vulnerable road users and other road hazards they might not see ordinarily.

  • Deep learning technology means high detection accuracy of pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS) can trigger alerts when drowsiness, distraction or phone usage are detected.

  • Enhanced high-definition images with extreme low light, turning night into day.

Everything you need in one place


All in one Platform CameraMatics

Claims and eFNOL.

When daily walkaround checks are combined with HD video footage and on-site accident reports you can show compliance, provide indisputable evidence to exonerate drivers and resolve genuine claims in a cost-efficient manner.


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  • Incidents and accidents auto-captured on video
  • Footage and report captured and shared instantly via driver app.
  • Drivers exonerated from fraudulent or false claims.

Remote driver coaching

Powerful real-life video footage and fleet data enable the delivery of remote driver coaching via the driver app resulting in fewer crashes, less downtime, improved safety standards, legal compliance as well as lower insurance premiums.


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  • Harsh driving events flagged and shared with the driver.
  • Snapshots from all available cameras, location and speed.
  • Promote eco safe driving habits.

Who is the solution for?

For fleet managers looking for a vehicle tracking or compliance solution that is simple to use and addresses pain points such as high fuel costs, worker productivity, driver safety, compliance and asset security.

CameaMatics Camera Configuration On A Van In The UK
CameaMatics Camera Configuration On A LCV In The UK
Heavy Goods Vehicle Camera Settings
CameaMatics Camera Configuration On A Van In The UK
CameaMatics Camera Configuration On A LCV In The UK
Heavy Goods Vehicle Camera Settings

What Does Our Client Think?

The camera system on the vehicle provides a full visibility of the vehicle and the driver. The footage translated through our cloud system and back to the fleet management solution system where backend operators can get alerts if there is any incident. It ensures drivers can focus on driving safely.

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