“Previously we would have had a team of driver administrators that would go out to vehicles and download footage which was quite a time-consuming archaic process so the ability to get that over 4G now is a godsend.”
James Andrew, IT Director
Maritime Transport

Challenges for transport and logistics

The speed of change in the transportation and logistics industry is accelerating as smart fleet operators are moving to adopt new technologies to respond to changes in climate related emission regulations and rising operational costs.

  • Fraudulent insurance claims

  • Rising operational overheads

  • Road accidents with other vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists

  • Driver retention

  • Pressures to reduce emissions and carbon footprint

Power your fleet with cutting-edge protection

Mitigate risk, manage safety and mobilize your fleet, all in one place.

  • Digital pre-trip and post-trip safety checks

  • Driver app incident reports

  • Automated collection of incident related evidence and reporting

  • Protect against fraudulent claims

  • Fleet insurance savings from more accurate risk profiles

Empower drivers

Simple intuitive apps automate manual fleet admin processes such as driver coaching, accident reporting, maintenance checks, and delivery confirmations to enable the capturing and sharing of vital information in real-time.

Eliminate blind spots

Pairing HD-quality cameras with cutting-edge telematics and AI technology enables total end-to-end security.

Give your drivers the tools and peace-of-mind to drive more confidently and safely.

  • Collision avoidance, fatigue, and distraction alerts

  • Mounted connected cameras give you the total picture – with both live feed and recorded footage

  • Smart voice-tech eliminates the need for phone checking

  • Full-vehicle sensors provide detailed GPS and telematic data


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