CameraMatics partnerships

Trusted relationships, improving efficiency, sustainability, and safety.


Improve customer retention and loyalty

Smart brokers and agents are moving quickly to integrate digital technologies into their operations. Increasing customer satisfaction because a leaner process is possible, that reduces follow-ups, recalculations, and litigation.

  • Automate FNOL

  • Digitize claims management

  • Improve fleet risk profiling

  • Accident prevention

  • Exonerate drivers

Vehicle dealers

Offer your customers innovative all-in-one mixed fleet solutions

An advanced software solution able to host different vehicle models and makers on the same platform.

  • Drive new revenue streams

  • Improve customer loyalty

  • Offer simplified mixed fleet management

  • Simple, configurable, and driver-centric

Vehicle leasing

Maximize your return on investment

Automate fleet maintenance and offer additional consulting and data analytics services in a single leasing package.

  • Bundled value-added services

  • Improve customer loyalty

  • Fleet visibility

  • Offer valuable fleet insights

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