CameraMatics for Emergency Vehicles Such As Fire Engines

Delivering better outcomes for all

Demands upon the emergency services continue to grow: and change. CameraMatics can protect and empower first responders to deliver better outcomes for the public, more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

  • Driver support systems to prevent accidents and drive safety outcomes

  • Live streaming to protect and exonerate first responders

  • Protection from theft, fraud and damage

CameraMatics for Emergency Vehicles Such As Ambulance

Collision avoidance systems

Give your drivers the tools they need to drive more confidently and safely.

  • Blind spot cameras with in-cab monitors

  • In-cab driver fatigue or distraction alerts

  • AI detection of pedestrians or co-workers in blind posts, with associated in-cab alerts

CameraMatics for Emergency Vehicles

Give managers the big picture

Live-streaming through mounted connected cameras gives the total picture as it happens, or can be retrieved at a later date.

Our intuitive, user-friendly platform provides unparalleled visibility for anyone, anywhere, and helps protect and exonerate first responders in the field.

  • Reduce insurance costs with more accurate risk profiles

  • Driver scorecards enable you to track and reward great driving

  • Rapid evidence-based incident investigations

CameraMatics for Emergency Vehicles

Protect first responders

Seamless integration with existing control boxes for lights and sirens, combined with indisputable real-time video evidence, enables emergency services to demonstrate compliance, contest false claims, and resolve genuine claims in a cost-effective manner.

  • Deter threatening behaviour

  • Reduce false claims and complaints

  • Give first responders peace of mind


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