Simple and intuitive dashboards

CameraMatics Fleet Management System For Performance

Visualize big data from vehicles to discover trends in fleet utilization, driver performance, fuel consumption and vehicle CO2 emissions.

Actionable data insights pinpoint practical steps to reduce waste, operating costs and proactively manage carbon footprint.

  • Advanced fuel data including fill ups, fuel usage and MPG

  • Vehicle utilization assessments

  • Fleet, team, vehicle and driver mileage

  • Servicing and repair costs

Dynamic scorecards

CameraMatics Fleet Management System For Performance

CameraMatics scorecards accurately record and rank incidents and trigger events that impact a drivers ability to achieve company objectives and personal KPIs.

Linking achievements to reward programs can also be used as an effective means of motivation, promoting eco-driving behaviors, devolving accountability and empowering drivers, teams and depots.

Scorecards track:

  • Eco-speed, excessive idling, cruise control usage, coasting, harsh breaking and accelerating.

  • Fuel costs, mpg and mileage

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