Integrated driver support system

Peace of mind for large vehicle operators

CameraMatics AI protects your drivers and your business. We detect co-workers when manoeuvring in tight spaces, or pedestrians and cyclists when on the road. We warn drivers with custom in-cab audio and visual alerts. And as a result, we protect your fleet, your drivers, and your business.

The technology can be added to any of our camera systems, to give you precisely the support you need.

Driver monitoring.
That actually works.

We don’t just look outside the vehicle. CameraMatics spots dangerous driving behaviours the moment they happen, and intervenes to prevent the costly accidents that can result. And we detect more events, with greater accuracy, than any comparable solution on the market.

DVS compliant

If your fleet operates in Greater London, from October 24th on you’ll need to have systems installed that accurately detect vulnerable road users in specific areas around the vehicle, coupled with in-cab warnings when they do.

That’s precisely what CameraMatics 360 plus our AI technology does, and we are compliant with DVS24. Get in touch and we can keep you on the road.

Streamline fleet management

Every CameraMatics solution provides everything you need to manage and monitor your fleet. AI-powered telematics and camera footage combine in powerful dashboard reports flagging fleet safety and performance issues.

  • Centralised fleet safety performance data

  • GPS tracking, live alerts, notifications and live stream connected cameras anywhere

  • Automated, customisable driver workflows, for vehicle checks and more

  • Fuel and fleet efficiency monitoring

The best there is

There are plenty of camera systems on the market. But CameraMatics 360 is different. Here’s why.

Reduce legal and insurance costs

CameraMatics AI is always on. And with as many cameras as you need, we give you the chance to see more. And we collect video and telematics data on every incident, and support drivers with accident reporting in the moment. That helps exonerate drivers and resolve genuine claims in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Incidents and accidents auto-captured on video

  • Footage and incident report captured and shared instantly

  • Drivers exonerated from fraudulent or false claims

automated driver coaching mobile phone

Drive safety over time with custom driver training

We record, categorise and display every relevant event, from driver distraction through to harsh braking and speeding. We enable fleet managers to assess and score these incidents, and then share with drivers to support personalised feedback and training.

  • Harsh driving events are flagged and shared with the driver via our driver app

  • Automated video capture of incidents

  • Automated driver self-coaching