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CameraMatics Fleet Management System Compliance

Simple intuitive apps digitize traditional manual and paper-based fleet management processes such as driver coaching, accident reports and FNOL, maintenance checks, and delivery reporting to enable the capturing, recording and sharing of vital information in real-time.

  • Driver self-coaching

  • Pre-trip and post-trip maintenance and safety checks

  • Equipment delivery reports

  • Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliant and support Vision Zero

Remote compliance reporting

When digital compliance checks are combined with HD video footage it enables drivers and fleet operators to demonstrate compliance, provide indisputable evidence to protect against false claims and resolve genuine claims in a timely cost-efficient manner.

Rapid incident investigation

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Compliance
It has made life very easy. If there were issues before, it could take 3 or 4 days to resolve, where as now, with cameras, they can be resolved there and then
Vincent McCarthy
Mr. Binman, Fleet Manager

Fleet insurance savings

CameraMatics Fleet Manager With A Truck Running In the Background

Insurance is all about risk assessment. Lower the risks to your fleet by improving the safety of your drivers, deterring vandalism, theft and fraudulent claims and use footage of real incidents and harsh driving events to deliver powerful driver coaching and build a culture of safety.

eFNOL improves the speed of adjudication, fraud detection, and damage estimates

Real fleet data insights showing a more accurate reflection of your risk and demonstrating improvements help Insurers develop a more informed risk profiles of your fleet and help you negotiate lower premiums.

  • Nurture a safety culture

  • Defend against fraudulent claims

  • Deter theft and vandalism

  • Automate FNOL and claims management

“In a supplier we look for loyalty, reliability, and future-proofing of products”, comments Ross, “we believe the CameraMatics product will stand us in good stead as we move forward with the business."

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Our flexible platform consists of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled together to suit your unique fleet management needs.