Incentivize safer driving with scoring and feedback

We provide automated, accurate driver scoring that gives you instant feedback on where your team can improve, who is doing well, and who not so well. With complete visibility across a number of metrics, it’s the ideal way to motivate your team towards fewer accidents.


  • Based on real events including speeding, braking, cornering etc

  • Drives driver engagement with safety culture

  • Measures progress across individuals and teams

Digital vehicle checklists in your pocket

The simplest – yet smartest – digital checklist platform there is. Define and customize checklists within the Safety Center, that drivers can complete on native mobile apps. And we make compliance easy, with ELD support, FNOL, delivery and safety checks all digitized and automated.

Driver scoring and coaching

We automatically score drivers based on real-world driving events, and give you an easy-to-read understanding of where safety levels need to improve. And to help make that happen, we provide interactive training for your entire team.

  • Instantly deliver both positive and negative feedback on performance.

  • Review driving behavior, safety checks, and overall awareness.

  • Engage drivers in coaching based on performance scores.

  • Measure progress through driver engagement and scoring.

Accident workflows

There when the worst happens

Reacting in the right way to an accident is vital. That’s why we provide everything the driver needs, in the moment. CamerMatics also captures and stores all the critical evidence (video footage, witness and police details, photos, etc) so that you have all the information needed to settle quickly, and fight fraudulent claims.

  • All data is securely stored on Safety Center, ensuring quick exoneration or accountability.

  • Drivers are supported in the moment, and know what to say and do.

  • Take immediate action by scheduling all repairs and considering their impact on fleet operations.

Custom workflows for teams on the move

Our checklists and workflows go way beyond standard DVIRs. They can be applied to almost any standard procedure within your organization.

Our checklists are fully customizable, can be completed within the mobile app, and record time and location of checklist completion, plus photo and video elements as required. As a result, your team works consistently and efficiently: wherever they are.

  • Schedule workflows for any time period, and with any frequency.

  • Compatible and compliant with safety management systems.

A view across your fleet

We provide complete visibility on the status of every workflow within your organization, the fleet manager or managers assigned to those workflows, the employee responsible for completing the check, and any current issues.

  • Paperless documentation system.

  • All essential documents accessible on one platform (passports, vehicle docs, insurance, road tax, FMCSA, visa requirements, etc.)

  • Assign critical task to automate management.

Fleet & driver admin

CameraMatics helps manage critical work streams, with documented and dated reminders, plus notification alarms to manage critical vehicle information.

  • Paperless documentation system

  • All essential documents accessible on one platform (passports, vehicle docs, insurance, road tax, FMSCA, visa requirements, etc)