Reduce accidents by up to 45%

Accidents cost money. We stop them happening. 360° camera and blind spot coverage means we identify potential collisions in-the-moment, and provide driver warnings so evasive action can be taken.

  • Multi-directional vehicle monitoring cameras provide drivers complete visibility

  • Collision avoidance, fatigue and distraction alerts

  • Auto-captured video footage protects against false claims

CameraMatics Fleet Manager With A Truck Running In the Background

The key to operational efficiency

We don’t just collect data. We act on it. CameraMatics provides personalised driver training and feedback to drive long-term improvements in fleet safety and efficiency – with fuel savings of up to 15%

  • Identify and rectify common issues such as speeding, harsh braking etc

  • Promote efficient vehicle use and management

  • Automate common compliance and maintenance functions


Simple Monthly Subscription

Video-Based Safety

An all-in-one fleet management system that provides transformative real-time support to drivers and fleet managers. Improving fleet safety and performance.

  • Real-time AI detection

  • 360 predictive collision detection

  • Instant driver feedback

  • Driver safety self-coaching

  • Cloud-based video retrieval

CameraMatics All-In-One Fleet Management System

Vehicle Telematics

A 360-degree video telematics multi-channel camera system that eliminates blind spots for even the largest vehicles. Data also produces powerful insights related to: 

  • Mileage & real-time GPS tracking

  • Harsh braking / cornering detection

  • Vehicle diagnostics & maintenance

  • EV & fuel tracking & reporting

  • Vehicle idle time

Apps & Driver Workflows

Smart workflows automate time-consuming manual paperwork and compliance checks to minimize downtime.

  • Electronic documents

  • Routing & dispatch

  • Compliance (ELD, Tachograph, Hrs of Service, Vehicle inspections)

  • Mobile forms & workflows

  • Driver messaging

Tachomatics System On Tablet

Asset Monitoring

Monitor your assets in real-time, prevent theft and increase utilization, all with one system. Track your equipment, maximize productivity and automate the management of repairs to reduce vehicle downtime.

  • Location & theft monitoring

  • Utilization reporting

  • Status monitoring & alerting

  • Geofencing

  • Refrigerated trailer & cold chain monitoring

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Shows Driver Data


Control your environmental impact. A solution that seamlessly integrates into pre-existing workflows. Requiring no hardware.

  • Wear & tear analytic

  • Eco-driving style training & monitoring

  • Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions monitoring

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Automated safety compliance & reporting

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Promote eco-driving

Eco-driving styles significantly reduce your impact on the environment by lowering fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and improving the vehicles efficiency.

Setting targets and rewarding positive behavior helps to focus attention on what is important.

  • Set team or individual targets

  • Improve fuel efficiency

  • Reduce wear and tear


Automate compliance

Digital safety and maintenance checks, automated incident reporting along with auto-captured video footage of incidents are available instantly to central office teams who can retrieve the footage, as well as relevant details to monitor compliance.

  • Dynamic searching by driver, location, or vehicle

  • Smart alerts, reports and notifications, including advanced geo-fencing

  • Full logs and historical footage

  • Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliant and support Vision Zero

A solution tailored to you

Our flexible platform with GPS tracking vehicle camera consists of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled together to suit your unique fleet management needs.

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