Detect hazards and reduce risk

Smarter fleet safety programs


The risk of fatalities and injury, direct and indirect cost of collisions, rising insurance premiums and potential legal liabilities have made fleet safety programs a core competence in operating high performance fleets.

The CameraMatics Safety Centre helps fleet managers develop best in class driver safety, loyalty and reward programs to deter risky driving habits and reduce claims and operating costs.

Automate driver coaching

Take a preventative maintenance approach to maximize the safety of drivers and other road users and ensuring your vehicles are in peak condition.

Identify issues early by automating vehicle maintenance checks, receive service reminder alerts to ensure vehicles are serviced at the appropriate intervals and efficiently manage repair costs in our maintenance portal.

Streamline vehicle maintenance and servicing

Driver Protection Testimonial

“We’ve got to ensure the safety of our drivers”

Ross McNicol, IT and Telematics, Maritime Transport

A solution tailored to you

Our flexible platform consists of modules that can be purchased individually or bundled together to suit your unique fleet management needs.


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