Instant visibility into your fleet

Reduce risk by utilizing connected cameras, compliance, AI & telematics, in a single package to prevent accidents and identify potential safety and performance issues.

  • GPS tracking and live view drivers’ route and speed

  • DMS alerts driver when distraction or fatigue are detected.

  • Automated video capture of road incidents

DashMatics on CameraMatics platform and app

Streamline fleet management

AI powered telematics and camera footage combine into powerful dashboard reports flagging fleet safety and performance issues.

  • Centralized fleet safety performance data

  • Live alerts, notifications and live stream connected cameras anywhere

  • Driver safety and performance league tables

Prevent accidents

AI Driver Monitoring System (DMS) checks driver vigilance and alerts them when it detects signs of fatigue or distraction.

  • Monitors the driver’s head position and eyes for signs of tiredness

  • Only records snapshots when the driver triggers it, or an incident occurs

  • In cab audio alerts

Coach risky driving behaviors

Powerful real-life video and telematics combine to enable the delivery of remote driver coaching via the driver app.

  • Harsh driving events are flagged and shared with the driver via driver app

  • Automated video capture of incidents

  • Automated driver self-coaching

Expedite insurance claims payouts

HD video footage, telematics and on-site accident reports demonstrate compliance and provide indisputable evidence to exonerate drivers and resolve genuine claims in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Incidents and accidents auto-captured on video

  • Footage and incident report captured and shared instantly

  • Drivers exonerated from fraudulent or false claims

DashMatics Camera Easy Installation in 20 minutes

Install in minutes

Hardware is suitable for any vehicle type and can be installed in as little as 20 minutes making it perfect for the most demanding commercial-grade fleet,

  • Features HD 1080p ruggedized duel front dash and interior camera

  • Ultra-reliable 4G, Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS wireless connectivity

  • Multiple options to connect power to the unit

  • 6 axis G-sensor impact and near miss detection & panic button

Fleet AI dash camera protect further

The 360 fleet AI dash camera system can protect the driver even better. It can detect if the driver is not concentrating or fatigued, that can help fleet managers to enhance driver management.

Explore more via our other fleet management system video.

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