CLS Insulation

Leading US construction insulation company teams up with CameraMatics to reduce machine breakdowns and overclaims

Posted 18 Oct 2022

CLS Insulation have transformed their training programme with video evidence, reduced machinery breakdowns, theft and overclaims

CLS Insulation is a part of the Installed Building Products family of companies, the second largest insulation installer in the U.S. residential new construction market. Operating a fleet of 150 vehicles, specializing in providing fiberglass, cellulose and foam insulation and radiant barrier solutions for residential homes and commercial buildings.  

The Challenge 

Insulation fleet management can be a complex task. With so many moving parts including vehicles and expensive equipment and materials being sent in different directions keeping track of individual assets is a challenge. Not only that, the operation of vehicles and equipment together introduces an added layer of risk.   

Despite a rigorous management approach CLS Insulation identified that there were several primary areas for improvement that would enable their fleet to operate more efficiently.  

  • Material overclaims or wastage: In some cases, up to 5 times the standard tolerance allowed for excess materials required on a job was being used, in real terms that could be 10 extra bags of expensive insulation materials rather than 2 or 3 bags.  
  • Equipment failures: Machines were breaking down at a faster rate than expected. Engineers and mechanics suggested that this was due to machines being overfilled and run too “hot”. 
  • Theft: Materials used are high-value and by necessity sometimes left in the vehicle unsupervised in urban areas with the engine running to operate the equipment. Making them a target for robbery. It was not unheard of for fleet vehicles to be robbed and later abandoned solely for the purpose of stealing the insulation materials inside.  

“We wanted eyes on the machines to make sure that wasn’t happening because it was just killing us on maintenance costs”, (Justin Hoff, Quality Assurance Manager).  

The Solution 

CLS looked at 5 or 6 different fleet camera system providers for over two years but none of them had the quality that they were looking for, before eventually finding CameraMatics.  

Initially, they were impressed by the HD video quality and the ability to streamline multiple platforms into one.  

They started with an initial trial of the CameraMatics fleet camera system in April before moving to full rollout across the blow division (150-vehicle fleet) in June of this year. They opted for a 4-camera solution. Two side facing, one at the rear facing down, and an in-cargo camera.

The camera in the back of the truck is to make sure that from a loss prevention standpoint material wouldn’t just go missing and walk off jobs. The in-cargo camera would give CLS visibility of how their insulation equipment was being operated by staff to help understand the costly machinery breakdown rate. 

“What it’s really done for me was being able to assign more accountability to the crews, that’s been invaluable”, (Justin Hoff). 

The Results 

After only two months of deploying the CameraMatics system the CLS maintenance costs have dropped significantly, and there was a very stable drop for their newer vehicles. With concrete video evidence, CLS Insulation are now able to look at overclaims and have evidence-based conversations with installers to understand the reasons for the overclaims. 

Perhaps one of the most unexpected benefits was the new ability to use video footage of machinery breakdown incidents for training and coaching staff in machinery management. Improving crew safety while also causing less undue stress and minimizing the chances of breakdowns. Fewer machinery breakdowns mean that teams can complete jobs more rapidly, which in turn results in them being more productive, and ultimately able to earn more.

With the success the blow division has had with the CameraMatics camera system CLS Insulation are rolling it out across their batt division. 

"I need people in my work life that take an active role in the customer service. And y'all have been phenomenal in that respect”, (Justin Hoff).