Posted 2 Aug 2023

TexCrete Partner with CameraMatics to Mitigate Driver Distraction on the Job Site

TexCrete is a concrete and cement supplier operating out of Bryan, Texas. Founded to deliver quality not yet on the market, the desire to offer exceptional quality similarly led to the formation of CameraMatics. The mutual drive shared between both companies has led to a strong and communicative partnership. The CameraMatics system operates across all 70 TexCrete mixers and haul trucks, since September 2022. The vehicles have been fitted with forward, driver, rear, and 2 side cameras.

Leveraging Customer Feedback Before Deciding to Partner with CameraMatics

TexCrete reached out to pre-existing customers of CameraMatics in the Austin area to hear first-hand recounts of the quality of service provided. With resoundingly positive feedback, which included:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Data made visual – impacting the decision-making process
  • High-quality and reliable footage capture and retrieval
  • Eliminating other 3rd party systems by having the same capabilities possible in the CameraMatics system
  • Exceptional customer support

TexCrete decision-makers also weighed this feedback against their own experience with other video telematics suppliers. The extensive research carried out by TexCrete led them to have very clear objectives when entering the partnership with CameraMatics.

A Changing Driver Perspective

The initial response to now from the TexCrete field staff regarding the CameraMatics system has gone through a complete 180. At the start, 90% of them voiced concern about the introduction of the system. However, seeing it in practice, seeing that it is to protect and prove the truth of any incident has reassured them as to why the system is in place. They now know it isn’t just a monitoring tool, but rather a safety tool.

Staff of course were skeptical when they found out they’d have a camera on them as they drove the vehicle, but now seeing the larger picture they now know it is for their own safety and a form of proof to verify their actions in cases of incidents”. Eddie Alvarado, Operations Manager.

Understanding Driver Habits to Increase Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

Another application of the CameraMatics system for TexCrete has been its use as an on-site monitoring tool that improves productivity. TexCrete has noted a reduction in the amount of unwarranted rest breaks taken while traveling between job sites. Time spent leisurely on cell phones has also dropped, with employees avoiding distraction and staying focused to complete tasks in a timely manner.

The workers are aware of the cameras, and because of this, they’re spending less time on their cell phones while on job sites. They’re also stopping less frequently between jobs, meaning we can get more jobs done in one day”. Eddie Alvarado, Operations Manager.

Greater Productivity, More Customers, and an Expanding Fleet

The productivity improvements and the resulting increased capacity have allowed TexCrete to take on more customers daily. As customer demand continues to grow and staff productivity rises, TexCrete has made the decision to invest in additional service vehicles. As a result of the genuine commitment CameraMatics has in assisting in the success of the fleet, TexCrete has signed up to have all future vehicles fitted with the system.

The exceptional service is one of the biggest standouts. However, pairing it with the quality of the cameras and the speedy issue resolution offered by CameraMatics is why TexCrete sees CameraMatics as a strategic business partner”. Eddie Alvarado, Operations Manager.