HSM Solutions

Posted 12 Apr 2023

HSM Solutions prioritized taking a preventative approach, considering the growing frequency of nuclear events with safety system provider CameraMatics.

HSM Solutions have a dedicated fleet serving the needs of their furniture parts and bedding business. The fleet operates as a profit center, carrying out jobs for third-party clients. The long-haul unit of the operation comprises 43 vehicles fitted with the CameraMatics system. Operating across the eastern seaboard of the US.

Increasing Reports of Nuclear Verdicts

HSM Solutions is a safety-first operation, focused on being proactive. No specific events within their own organization spurred on their decision to seek a video-telematics provider like CameraMatics, rather the increasing number of reports detailing other fleet operations being put out of business because of a nuclear verdict.

We’re a small fleet, something like that happening to us, it’d be hard to come back from”.

CameraMatics Competitively Priced and Simple Sign-Up Process

Having explored several providers HSM Solutions opted for CameraMatics, believing the system to offer a significant return on investment. HSM Solutions are aware that the burden of proof is predominately on the larger vehicle, with CameraMatics HSM Solutions can prove the specifics of an incident and their innocence, but more importantly proactively work to stop incidents occurring.

CameraMatics is a good option to exonerate, and coach drivers, all while at a very competitive price”.

Innovating in Partnership

As one of CameraMatics long-standing and first US-based customers, HSM Solutions have seen the rapid evolution of the system. They’ve been relying on CameraMatics more and more as new features have been introduced. Expanding beyond being just their safety monitoring and exoneration tool, but now also a coaching assistant. Video-based evidence enables a more open discussion with drivers, to show the specifics of any bad habits, helping to stop poor driving habits developing. Strengthening their already well-established safety program.

With CameraMatics it has become easier to view events, with their occurrence decreasing. Now coaching is a few times a week versus several times a day. It has empowered us to offer drivers more chances to improve driving behavior, as we can actively monitor and ensure safe driving and preventative measures are adhered to. Helping us retain drivers through coaching we might have otherwise fired”.

Video-Evidence Supporting New Safety Practices

The system offers HSM Solutions an oversight of the challenges their drivers are encountering at a greater frequency than ever. The erratic driving behavior of other road users is increasing the level of unpredictability commercial drivers are facing. “We now see what is causing our drivers to slam on the brakes – increasing amounts of construction works causing traffic congestion and other road-users becoming distracted by their phones”.

As a result of video evidence, HSM Solutions have reassessed their loading and securement procedures for cargo. Introducing new straps to secure loads. Meaning their drivers don’t have to worry about moving cargo when responding to unpredictable road conditions.

Proactive Versus Reactive Safety Culture Empowered by CameraMatics

As HSM Solutions continue to prioritize a safety-first culture as part of their fleet operation, CameraMatics are ambitious to grow with them. Currently discussing introducing pedestrian detection side cameras, to further eliminate driver blind-spots and their ability to care for other road-users.

As a company who wants to go above and beyond in our safety and preventative measures, we have met our equal in CameraMatics”.