Woodland Group

Posted 7 Feb 2023

Woodland Group utilize CameraMatics AI powered camera and driver distraction detection solution for safe and efficient fleet operations

Woodland Group have been providing innovative logistics, e-commerce and supply chain management services since 1988. Today, as one of the largest privately owned global logistics and supply chain businesses in the UK, they are consistently recognized for supply chain excellence, dedication to customer service, and their innovative approach.

Recently Woodland Group opened its second dedicated e-commerce facility in Doncaster to improve its offering to customers who require full pallet picking, single order, and subscription picking. The new site can facilitate over 15,000 pallets and 12,000 pick locations. In parallel, Woodland Group invested into expanding its modern fleet, adding another 60 trucks and 92 trailers to support its ever-growing UK domestic distribution services.

Woodland Group partnered with CameraMatics to equip 172 vehicles with a HD machine vision AI connected fleet camera system.

Technology like CameraMatics allows us to make the difficult job of being a driver a little easier for our team on the roads. Connecting the back office with the driving team by enabling them to concentrate on driving safely confident in the knowledge that their and other road users’ safety is the entire team’s focus ”, Simon Herron, Operations Director, Woodland Group’s fleet team.

The truck camera system is accessible remotely by the back-office team allowing drivers to concentrate on delivering the goods in a safe and secure manner while any possible dangers are being monitored.

Machine Vision AI Driver Monitoring System

The Machine Vision AI driver-facing camera monitors driver focus and provides real-time feedback. The real-time access to footage has also assisted the driver coaching Woodland Group are able to provide to their drivers.

The CameraMatics system monitors harsh braking and acceleration events and helps Woodland Group coach drivers to drive fuel efficiently and safely.

Woodland Group are a great example of a customer who truly understands that safety and sustainability go hand in hand. They deploy the advanced AI capabilities of our fleet platform to empower drivers, compliance team and safeguard the communities they operate in“, Richard Moore, Marketing Director, CameraMatics.