CameraMatics for Passenger Transport

Challenges for Field Services Fleets

When dispatching workers or contractors into the field to install, maintain or repair equipment, systems or assets, keeping track of resources and coordinating the work of skilled specialists can be challenging.

Effective communication and collaboration is critical.

  • Scheduling conflicts resulting in reputation damage and frustration

  • Controlling operational costs

  • Vehicle theft of vandalism

  • Field worker safety

CameraMatics for Passenger Transport

Smart workflows

Simple intuitive apps automate manual fleet admin processes such as driver coaching, accident reporting, maintenance checks, and delivery confirmations to enable the capturing and sharing of vital information in real-time.

When combined with video they enable remote field specialists to demonstrate compliance in a timely cost-efficient manner.

  • Automate people processes to coach, empower, and reward mobile workers

  • Deepen and enrich collaboration between remote and mobile teams

  • Empower mobile workers and minimize downtime

CameraMatics for Passenger Transport

Fleet efficiencies

Rapidly identify and address systemic fleet inefficiencies, vehicle down-time causes and fuel inefficiencies.

Actionable data insights pinpoint practical steps to reduce waste, operating costs, and proactively manage carbon footprint.

  • Promote eco-driving styles and track excessive idling, cruise control usage, coasting, harsh braking

  • Automate maintenance scheduling

  • Accurately identify non-compliance with dynamic searching by driver, location or vehicle

  • Pinpoint vehicles with the highest fuel consumption and their routes

  • Set and monitor performance against fuel efficiency targets

Field Services Fleets Vehicle Driver

Protect remote workers

Give your field specialists and technicians the tools and peace-of-mind to drive more confidently and safely.

  • Collision avoidance fatigue and distraction alerts

  • Smart voice-tech eliminates the need for phone checking

  • Automate claims processing and safety checks

  • Enable rapid investigations with full logs and historical footage

“CameraMatics technology enables us to have oversight of our entire fleet network and to efficiently manage route planning, while also giving us access to live video footage of all our vehicles..”
AnneMarie, Head of Marketing
Green-Way Couriers


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