Advanced commercial vehicle camera system

Our intelligent video-based fleet safety and performance system provides transformative real-time support to protect drivers and safeguard your fleet.

  • Prevent road accidents

  • Promote safe driving behaviors

  • Reduce Insurance premiums

  • Protect against fraudulent claims and exonerate drivers

  • Video evidence to support faster insurance claims processing

CameraMatics AI Pedestrian Detection Camera and Monitor
  • Deep learning technology enabling high detection accuracy

  • Horizontal and vertical installations to detect pedestrians in all directions

  • 1080P video output resolution

  • Waterproof and dustproof rating: IP69K, anti-vibration rating: ISO 16750-3(5.9G)

  • Adjustable lens angle for better images.

AI Pedestrian Detection Camera

Commercial vehicles like trucks, buses, etc. have large blind spots or “no zones” where vehicles and other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists become invisible to the truck driver’s position.  Our AI Pedestrian Detection Camera can help solve this issue.

The camera installed on vehicles can detect pedestrians and vehicles from the front, side and rear alerting drivers automatically in real time to road hazards and widening their field of vision.

Anti-Tamper Camera

Internal Anti-Tamper Camera

Interior cameras are mounted inside the vehicle or trailer to keep passengers safe or monitor cargo security to reduce cargo theft.

Bus and coach fleets often use these cameras to ensure passengers safety.

  • Metal-cased IP67 weatherproof micro dome with fixed lens

  • 10 Infrared LEDs.

Side Molded Camera

External moulded vehicle cameras

Exterior cameras are mounted outside the vehicle to capture a 360° view of the surroundings.

Many trucking fleets deploy exterior cameras after road incidents, video footage from exterior cameras can be used to exonerate drivers from sideswiping damage caused by other vehicles.

  • Day/Night sensor for automatic adjustment

  • HD Waterproof side camera

  • Super-wide viewing angle: 150 º

Object Detection Sensor

Side scan and corner scan collision warning sensors

Proximity sensors fitted to near side corner and near side blind spots detect pedestrians, cyclists and objects and alert the driver to risk of collision and damage to the vehicle whilst maneuvering, turning and reversing.

  • View angle 90°-120°

  • Detection Angle 120°(H),60°(V)

  • Waterproof Screw Connector

  • Warning alarm, audio speaker

External Heavy Duty Rearview Camera

Of the 7.27 million road accidents that happen in US roads annually, about 40% of them are rear-end collisions.

Rearview cameras are mounted on the outside rear of the vehicle that records the road behind.

Paired with our in-cab monitor, they show objects or dangers when driving in reverse and provide evidence in case of a rear-end accident

  • Super-wide viewing angle: 110°

  • Night vision distance: 15m (4 infrared lights)

Dashmatics on platform and app

360 surround view

A combination of mounted HD-quality vehicle CCTV cameras and sensors with AI technology give drivers 360-degree visibility around the vehicle via an in-cab monitor, alerting them early to vulnerable road users and other road hazards they might not see ordinarily.