C.W. Wright

Posted 28 Feb 2024

C.W. Wright

Driving excellence: How CameraMatics transformed C.W. Wright's fleet operations

In brief

C.W. Wright is a leading contractor servicing the electric utility industry for over 60 years. They embarked on a mission to enhance the safety and efficiency of their fleet operations. After extensive research, they found the perfect solution in CameraMatics. By installing our high-definition DVR systems and innovative software, C.W. Wright reduced costs, mitigated risk, streamlined their workflow and enhanced their already impressive reputation for “Service with Safety”.

The company

Founded in 1953, C.W. Wright provides turnkey transmission, substation, and distribution services for electric utilities in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest regions of the United States. They are a subsidiary of PrimeLine Utility Services, a leading provider of construction, maintenance, and design solutions for the electric, gas and telecommunication industries.

PrimeLine is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vinci, SA, the largest construction company in the world. Their backing provides the financial strength and expertise to enable C.W. Wright to provide the best solutions, technology and equipment available to their customers.

“Service With Safety” isn’t just a slogan; it’s a fundamental principle ingrained in every aspect of C.W. Wright’s operations. The company is dedicated to achieving zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero environmental compliance notices of violations (NOVs).

This commitment aligns perfectly with CameraMatics’ vision to enhance safety and mitigate risks.

Challenges faced by C.W. Wright

What C.W. Wright wanted was simple. A safer fleet, with fewer accidents and a reduction in the costs associated with them. However, to achieve this goal they had specific challenges to overcome.

Improving safety and sustainability at C.W. Wright was pivotal. Their target was to achieve zero personal injuries or vehicle accidents. Minimizing the risk of personal injury to their employees and Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) was their top priority. Additionally, having a system in place that could instantly record and report incidents in real-time, if they were to occur, reducing administrative time on accidents and fraudulent claims, was also of utmost importance.

Monitoring driver behavior with real-time data on their drivers performance was crucial for ensuring compliance with safety standards. C.W. Wright needed a solution that could provide immediate feedback to drivers, allowing them to make real-time adjustments to their driving habits, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Finally, there was the issue of adaptability. With a wide variety of mixed-use vehicles catering to various construction needs, C.W. Wright needed a solution that seamlessly integrated with different vehicle types and sizes, while offering comprehensive coverage.

How did CameraMatics address these challenges?

CameraMatics didn’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we took the time to understand C.W. Wright’s specific challenges, tailoring our approach accordingly. Through detailed consultations and meticulous assessments, CameraMatics crafted a solution perfectly suited to C.W. Wright’s “Service with Safety” culture.


“CameraMatics was the only company that listened to our needs and structured what we needed accordingly,”

Chris Lively, Fleet Director at C.W. Wright


CameraMatics installed our DVR solution on all of C.W. Wright’s vehicles within the PrimeLine Utility Services group. Our engineers seamlessly integrated the system with C.W. Wright’s fleet, installing five cameras on each vehicle, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view for driver and VRU safety. These cameras include an internal driver monitoring camera, forward, left, right, and rear cameras. We tailored solutions to fit various vehicle types, including compact sedans, trucks, and specialized construction vehicles.

Our ability to adapt and deliver customized solutions to every vehicle in C.W. Wright’s fleet demonstrates our leadership in the industry. This capability underscores our unwavering commitment to enhancing safety for drivers and vulnerable road users, setting a new standard for excellence in fleet management solutions.

Additionally, our systems can also be extended across C.W. Wright’s entire operation. The CameraMatics Safety Centre facilitates daily safety checks for all vehicles, even non-camera-equipped ones like diggers and forklifts. It also monitors maintenance schedules, tracks product deliveries, and assists with office tasks such as fire extinguisher checks and health and safety reports. All of these functionalities are managed online, eliminating the need for paper trails and promoting sustainability.

Combining our DVR solution with real-time insights into driver behavior, CameraMatics significantly enhanced C.W. Wright’s visibility and ability to improve on their already high-level safety standards.

Our advanced AI technology continuously analyzes driving patterns and pinpoints potential hazards, empowering C.W. Wright to take proactive safety measures and prevent accidents before they occur.

If an accident were to occur, the 360-degree coverage and live streaming of C.W. Wright’s vehicles delivers real-time footage of any incident. This can be sent directly to the insurance companies, streamlining the claims process and reducing downtime.

Results and Feedback


“We chose CameraMatics for their adaptability, scalability, and partnership”


Not only impressed by CameraMatics’ adaptability, scalability, and collaborative approach, C.W. Wright also chose our solution for its competitive pricing and unmatched quality.

In their search for the best solution, C.W. Wright thoroughly evaluated numerous products, including industry leaders. It became clear through this assessment that CameraMatics’ solution consistently excelled in all critical areas, from reliability and functionality to user experience and support.

This feedback confirmed that the CameraMatics system is an innovative and dependable solution for fleet management.

Through this partnership, C.W. Wright reduced financial costs, mitigated risks, streamlined their workflow and enhanced their reputation as a safe and reliable utility contractor. CameraMatics not only provided a solution to C.W. Wright’s immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for continued success and growth in the future.