Posted 6 Mar 2024


Flogas Prioritizes Safety with CameraMatics Integration

In brief

Flogas has been supplying LPG, Natural Gas & Electricity in Ireland since 1977. They serve a variety of markets and have a diverse fleet of vehicles that includes rigid trucks, 23-tonne arctic’s and everything in between.

In their search for a camera and telematics system, safety and adaptability were paramount.

They found the perfect solution with CameraMatics who provided “exactly what Flogas wanted and exactly what Flogas needed”, improving visibility and safety for drivers and road users without disrupting their daily operations, ultimately saving them time and money.

The company

Established as Flogas Limited in September 1977, Flogas Ireland officially commenced business in August 1978. They currently have 10,500 customers spread across the healthcare, educational, agricultural, domestic and commercial industries.

With depots in the North, South, East and West of the country, their vision is clear; to become the leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions in Ireland.

Flogas is known for its outstanding after-sales service. They also provide a 24-hour emergency support, offering immediate assistance for gas supply or equipment issues, prioritizing safety for their customers, employees and communities.

Through rigorous safety measures, training programs, and regular maintenance, Flogas upholds the highest safety standards across its operations.

Challenges faced by Flogas

Flogas had a clear objective: improve visibility around their vehicles and get instant access to footage of accidents and near-miss situations. Their aim was to enhance safety, acquire real-time information, and address any misinformation or false allegations promptly.

Given the critical nature gas leaks could have, making quick and accurate decisions is vital. Therefore, having access to real-time footage for immediate review and reporting is crucial.

However, implementing this solution isn’t as easy as it sounds. As previously stated, safety is of utmost importance in gas operations, and there are strict protocols that must be followed.

Any system installed on Flogas’ fleet had to adhere to strict regulations for intrinsically safe operation in hazardous environments. These regulations ensure that devices like telematics systems and cameras meet safety standards to prevent sparking or arcing that could ignite flammable gases.

Installing the cameras presented a challenge, requiring extensive collaboration and communication with the Flogas scheduling team. Their fleet are specialised vehicles, designed to meet all of the intrinsically safe requirements for transporting gas. Ensuring the installation process had minimal impact on day-to-day operations was extremely important.

With a wide variety of rigid and articulated trucks, it was imperative for the solution to be flexible enough to seamlessly integrate with all of the vehicles in their fleet.

How did CameraMatics address these challenges?

Our eight-port DVR system, comprising a forward-facing camera and two side-facing cameras, was installed across the entire fleet of Flogas vehicles. This set up left five ports free, providing Flogas with the flexibility to increase their capacity of cameras or add blind spot information systems in the future.

As previously mentioned, the cameras and DVR system had to be intrinsically safe to meet the strict regulations and standards for electronic devices used in hazardous environments. Bluetooth technology is often used for wireless communication between devices and can potentially generate sparks or electrical arcs, which could ignite flammable gases.

While some companies in the industry utilize Bluetooth for device connectivity, CameraMatics takes a different approach. All our cameras are hardwired, and connectivity is established through Wi-Fi. This ensures that our systems are intrinsically safe and compliant with rigorous regulations.

The installation of CameraMatics software eradicated subjective opinions in accident identification, offering factual reports through multiple angled cameras, thus streamlining all related processes. Furthermore, the video footage provides Flogas employees with peace of mind in the event of a road traffic accident.


“The installation process couldn’t have gone any better”

Mick Dalton, Transport & Operations Manager, Flogas


To ensure minimal disruption to Flogas’ day-to-day operations, our engineers strategically installed our cameras on each of their vehicles during their scheduled maintenance. This approach ensured that Flogas’ vehicles did not need to be taken off the road for extended periods, saving both time and potentially money by avoiding downtime in deliveries.

Results and Feedback

The feedback from Flogas regarding CameraMatics has been excellent. They are already planning to install rear cameras and in-cab DMS on their fleet in the near future, with the aim of achieving a 360-degree view of their vehicles. This move, especially with hose reels located at the rear of some vehicles, would significantly enhance their vision and safety.


“Exactly what Flogas wanted and exactly what Flogas needed. Minimum fuss and maximum effort from the CameraMatics team”


As for the drivers, Transport and Operations Manager at Flogas, Mick Dalton, acknowledges them as the “best drivers in the country”. So,  what did they think of this new technology?

Initially, given their reputation for being among the safest drivers in the country, they were apprehensive about CameraMatics. However, they quickly recognized the benefits our system offers on a day-to-day basis.

In the event of an accident, they have access to clear real-time video evidence. Additionally, the user-friendly app includes a full accident report form, specifically designed to streamline the process of reporting accidents and incidents. Together, these features provide complete peace of mind for the drivers at Flogas.

One notable example underscores the system’s efficiency: when an accident did occur, Mick Dalton received the call immediately and arrived on the scene within 25 minutes. Remarkably, even before leaving the office, the footage was already accessible on his phone. This speed and clarity could potentially be the difference between life and death, especially when dealing with gas transportation.


“The performance overall from CameraMatics from the install to the support received has been nothing short of exemplary”


Flogas selected CameraMatics for its scalability, ensuring it can adapt as the business grows, and for its tailored features, meeting their current and future needs. The “exemplary” installation was also pivotal in their decision making process.

With this new technology, Flogas integrates real-time data from accidents, near misses, and erratic driving into future training programs to prevent future incidents.

In summary, CameraMatics has not only enhanced safety for Flogas drivers, customers, and road users, it also protects the company’s reputation and brand integrity for years to come.