Honer Transport

Posted 10 May 2023

Tennessee Trucking Firm Honer Transport Teams Up with CameraMatics to Automate Fleet Safety

Honer Transport are a lean and mighty fleet of 10 Peterbilt tractor units founded by Alan Honer, based out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Operating since 2018, Honer Transport offers a variety of services including truckload shipping, LTL shipping, expedited shipping, warehousing, cross-docking, and transportation management for both the private and public sector customers.

A Growing Fleet Operation

Following a review of their fleet operations Honer Transport understood that to achieve their growth ambitions it was necessary to streamline time consuming fleet management processes. The business of managing manual processes such as back-office admin, driver onboarding and coaching, safety checking was holding them back.

To streamline time-consuming paperwork and improve risk management and safety Honer Transport realised they needed a new fleet management system. After exploratory discussions with four other providers, they spoke to Cameramatics.

Having ELDs and telematics has always provided valuable information into how the fleet is performing. However, adding video to that data has been a significant benefit as we can now add context to the data”. – Alan Honer, Managing Director.

Reliable and Easy Access to Video-Verified Evidence

Honer Transport was won over and chose CameraMatics for the following reasons:

  • Reliable and easy access to video-verified evidence, corroborating the quality of service provided by Honer Transport
  • Real-time insights enable in-the-moment decision-making, powered by instant alerts to fleet managers
  • Less pressure on drivers to be the source of truth regarding any incidents, acting as an independent witness in cases requiring driver exoneration

CameraMatics has not only proven itself as a system aiding in safety but also verifying the quality of service provided by Honer Transport when loading and unloading customer goods.

Not only does it protect our drivers, but it immediately eliminates any potential disagreements with customers over situations where loading or unloading issues might have occurred”. – Alan Honer, Managing Director.

Expanding the Fleet, Supported by CameraMatics

The integration of the CameraMatics system into the day-to-day operation at Honer Transport was seamless, largely thanks to the user-friendly interface of the system, furthermore, the CameraMatics team always resolves queries quickly. This is instrumental, in allowing Alan to invest as much energy as possible in growing the size and scale of the Honer Transport fleet and delivering excellent customer service.

CameraMatics are bucking industry trends, of poor service. I have the cell phone number of each member of the CameraMatics team who supports me, right up to the VP level“. – Alan Honer, Managing Director.

As the fleet expands, so too will the companies use of the CameraMatics system.

I won’t allow a single truck out of my yard unless it is protected by this technology. There are too many instances of trucks being falsely accused of causing a collision – accusations that can put a trucking company out of business. I’m confident CameraMatics will help me in any future events”. – Alan Honer, Managing Director.