Flannery Plant Hire

Posted 4 Apr 2024

Flannery Plant Hire

Safeguarding Flannery Plant Hire's Diverse Fleet with CameraMatics

In brief


Flannery Plant Hire are one of the UK’s premier plant hire companies. They have grown their business from one JCB excavator in 1972 to 5200 vehicles in 2023. They operate from a network of nine depots in Aberdeen, Northumberland, Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham, Bicester, Newport, Leighton Buzzard and their purpose-built head office next to Wembley Stadium.

Flannery installed CameraMatics for multiple reasons, to distort bogus insurance claims, monitor quality control and most importantly, ensure their fleet is fully compliant with the 2024 DVS requirements.

The company

Flannery Plant hire are in business for the past 52 years.

Headquartered in London, they have 8 other depots around the UK and Ireland. They partner with world-leading manufacturers including Caterpillar, Komatsu, JCB, Volvo, Hitachi and Wacker Neuson, to ensure their customers get the most innovative, advanced and environmentally responsible machinery available.

Proving their commitment sustainability, Flannery recently took a giant leap towards a greener future with the arrival of the UK’s first all-electric 17-meter Telehandler.

Flannery live by ‘Training People Today to Create Tomorrow’s Workforce’. Their commitment to advancing the industry through digital machine control is evident. With a focus on education, they ensure their operators are proficient in using these technologies to the best of their abilities.

At their Birmingham depot, Flannery Digital Construction Training School boasts cutting-edge simulators with machine guidance and digital control technology. Their field-based training area offers hands-on experience with a fleet of connected machinery. Flannery’s dedication to embracing digital solutions sets them apart in the industry.

Completing over 50,000 deliveries and collections annually, Flannery have a significant responsibility to ensure their staff are trained to the highest standards and that they prioritize safety. Leveraging innovative technologies such as cameras and vehicle telematics is integral to ensuring safety across all facets of their operations. From their personnel to the machinery and trucks, safety will always be paramount.

Challenges – 360° Coverage, DVS Compliance, Fraudulent Claims & Quality Installation

Pinpointing exact requirements and selecting camera systems and placements for 360-degree vision, covering trucks and transported machinery, is crucial for Flannery Plant Hire. This meticulous approach ensures comprehensive surveillance, enhancing safety and operational efficiency across their fleet.

In light of DVS compliance requirements, outdated sonar systems have proven inadequate. Not only do they fail to meet regulations, but they also present a significant distraction for drivers. Constant alerts for every movement or obstacle captured by the camera can hinder driver focus, potentially compromising safety on the road.

Furthermore, ensuring quality control poses a significant challenge for Flannery. The inability to monitor the safe and controlled removal and delivery of machinery from trucks to sites introduces risks to both personnel and equipment. Implementing effective surveillance solutions is essential to mitigate these challenges and uphold operational standards.

Fraudulent insurance claims like “swoop and squat” or staged rear-end collisions pose significant challenges. Criminals orchestrate these scenarios by using two cars to trap a truck: one abruptly brakes in front (the “squat” vehicle), while the other collides from behind (the “swoop” vehicle). Both then make false insurance claims for damages and injuries.

Trucks are particularly vulnerable to these schemes as they often have extensive insurance coverage, and the perpetrators may seek higher payouts by claiming significant damage or injuries resulting from the staged accidents
These schemes not only cause financial losses and operational disruptions but also endanger the safety of HGV drivers.

Flannery Plant Hire encountered significant issues with the quality of installation provided by their previous camera and telematics providers. Described as “second-rate installation”, it resulted in frequent problems like cameras becoming disconnected. This led to a decrease in production as the fleet constantly required repairs to address these issues.

How did CameraMatics address these challenges?

CameraMatics addressed these challenges by offering flexibility in their solutions. Our team worked alongside Flannery Director John Moran to customize the setup for their mixed fleet of vehicles.

Flannery 2024 Trucks with CameraMatics System installed

They implemented a 360-degree camera system around HGVs and installed cameras at the rear of the cab overlooking their low loaders. This provided significant benefits for accident prevention and quality control during loading and unloading processes. This customization stemmed from the initial conversation with CameraMatics, emphasizing their commitment to meeting the specific needs of Flannery.



“The CameraMatics Vulnerable Road User (VRU) system is a gamechanger as it’s human form recognition, there are no false alarms, when it sends an alert, it’s because there is a VRU in one of the blind spots.”– 

Truck Driver, Flannery Plant Hire


CameraMatics DVS system not only complies with all of the 2024 DVS regulations, it is also lightyears ahead of the sonar system. It will only alert drivers to human form recognition. This ensures that if the driver is alerted, he can be 100% positive, it is for a VRU and not road furniture. This precision is critical for enhancing safety on the roads and reducing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists.

For Flannery drivers, this level of certainty increases their confidence and peace of mind while navigating urban roads shared with VRUs. The reduced likelihood of false alerts helps alleviate stress and fatigue, contributing to overall driver well-being.

CameraMatics didn’t just install best in class cameras and telematics – we provided a comprehensive service tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses like Flannery Plant Hire. While there are numerous camera providers in the UK, what sets CameraMatics apart is our unwavering commitment to quality installation and exceptional customer support.

Results and Feedback

Flannery chose CameraMatics to install their DVS systems based on their longstanding relationship dating back to 2017. They trusted CameraMatics’ commitment to thoroughly testing their products before bringing them to market. Since installation, the system has operated flawlessly, delivering reliable performance.

CameraMatics demonstrates forward-thinking and innovation in their equipment and upgrades, consistently striving to enhance functionality and value for their clients. They maintain open communication with Flannery, involving them in the evaluation of new systems to ensure compatibility and value.

John Moran, Director of Flannery Plant Hire, attests to the significant benefits of CameraMatics’ multiple-camera setup on their HGV fleet.


“Having multiple cameras installed on our HGV fleet, literally has saved us millions with bogus claims, bogus incidents and fraudulent actions”


The installation of CameraMatics cameras has transformed attitudes among Flannery HGV drivers. Initially reluctant, they now refuse to operate lorries without the camera systems due to their profound impact on safety and incident resolution.

The effectiveness of the CameraMatics system was highlighted in an accident involving a low loader fitted with their system. Despite being involved in a collision, the Flannery driver was quickly cleared of any wrong doing thanks to footage promptly retrieved and provided to the police.

This not only cleared the driver of fault but also provided crucial support for his mental well-being. Furthermore, the CameraMatics’ DVS system meets all requirements mandated by the Mayor’s Office and Transport for London (TFL) for the safe operation of HGVs within the greater London area. This guarantees that Flannery adheres to all compliance regulations, thereby enhancing the safety standards across their entire fleet.

With rumours that DVS compliance is be rolled out in all major cities in the UK and Ireland, Flannery’s adoption of the CameraMatics DVS system positions them well for future regulatory changes in these regions.


“The CameraMatics DVS system requires no user input, it just works”


Impressed by the flawless installation process and the system’s impeccable performance, Flannery are taking a proactive approach, they intend to fit all new trucks with the CameraMatics DVS system, demonstrating their confidence in its effectiveness and reliability.

Flannery 2024 Trucks with CameraMatics System installed

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