Hendrick European

Posted 23 Jan 2023

Leading European freight provider, Hendrick European, sees 30% increase in driver exoneration since onboarding with CameraMatics

Hendrick European has an extensive modern fleet of over 100 trucks and 250 trailers, and over 40 years of experience offering global logistics, supply chain management and express delivery services to a diverse range of industries across Europe. The Hendrick European fleet includes Euroliners, Tautliners, Flat Beds, Refrigerated Trailers, Sliding Skeletal Trailers, Coil Carriers, and Low Loaders, operating from multiple sites across Europe, including Ireland, UK, and Poland.

The challenge

After a period of exceptional business growth Hendrick European noticed that the costs of fleet insurance had been rising significantly and undertook a review to understand the root causes.

They found that the fleet insurance market had become less competitive, and Hendrick European identified that they were suffering from “big truck, small car” syndrome. Whereby due to the imbalance in size and power of a HGV as opposed to all other road users, there is often the assumption that the truck driver must automatically be at fault whenever a road accident takes place.

After detailed consideration Hendrick European decided they needed to work with a fleet solutions provider that could support both accident prevention and investigation.

The solution

Hendrick European selected CameraMatics for several key reasons:

Speedy installation and intuitive onboarding: reduced the stress on drivers and the fleet manager, enabling them to instantly focus on the system benefits and further increase their ability to control road safety practices and the outcomes they produce.

Provide 360-degree surround vehicle driver view: the elimination of blind spots increased driver awareness, helping them avoid a variety of different potential causes of road accidents such as sideswipes, reversing etc.

Provide driver warning alerts of oncoming dangers: audible driver alerts, have proved critical in aiding drivers in near-miss situations and have positively impacted the fleet risk profile.

Enable eFNOL (electronic first notice of loss): in the moment footage and photos of accidents have expedited communications with the insurer. Reducing the worry and confusion often surrounding the aftermath of an accident.

Seamless integration with existing systems: minimized disruption to the fleet operation has enabled greater business impact from the get-go.

Alongside working with CameraMatics, Hendrick European rolled out an extensive driver training and development program.

The results

Following the implementation of CameraMatics, Hendrick European found:

Greater driver accountability: dealing with perishable goods such as food and pharmaceuticals it’s imperative to ensure proper loading and the maintenance of necessary storage conditions. With in-cargo cameras Hendrick European provides door to door video evidence of the transit conditions. Proving the quality of service delivered by the drivers.

Easy footage retrieval: at critical times, Hendrick European may need footage instantly. The ability of the CameraMatics system to detect when an accident has occurred, and send an alert to the fleet manager, with relevant footage included has proven imperative. Ensuring effective claims management and enabling driver exoneration.

Such functionalities prove the intentionality of the system, and how it was built with purpose”.

Two-way conversations with insurers: expediating the claims management process and supplying the insurer with irrefutable video evidence enabled Hendrick European push back against them to get a more competitive rate.

Post-service care: further enriching the already intuitive user-experience is exceptional customer support. Paul Hendricks’ shares,

“When the system detected a fault in one of the cameras, a CameraMatics representative contacted our team to schedule a repair before we even had time to reach out”.

Having recounted their experience with the CameraMatics camera system Paul Hendrick closes by stating, “It’s a fool proof decision for any fleet operator to go with CameraMatics”. The benefits of the CameraMatics system have enabled Hendrick European to achieve a 30% increase in driver exoneration since onboarding, also helping to improve driver retention.