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Truck AI Pedestrian Detection

Video-Based Safety

An all-in-one fleet management system that provides transformative real-time support to drivers and fleet managers. Improving fleet safety and performance.

  • Real-time AI detection

  • 360 predictive collision detection

  • Instant driver feedback

  • Driver safety self-coaching

  • Cloud-based video retrieval

CameraMatics All-In-One Fleet Management System

Vehicle Telematics

A 360-degree video telematics multi-channel camera system that eliminates blind spots for even the largest vehicles. Data also produces powerful insights related to: 

  • Mileage & real-time GPS tracking

  • Harsh braking / cornering detection

  • Vehicle diagnostics & maintenance

  • EV & fuel tracking & reporting

  • Vehicle idle time

Make Ongoing Fleet Management Efficient With Our Mobile App

Apps & Driver Workflows

Smart workflows automate time-consuming manual paperwork and compliance checks to minimize downtime.

  • Electronic documents

  • Routing & dispatch

  • Compliance (ELD, Tachograph, Hrs of Service, Vehicle inspections)

  • Mobile forms & workflows

  • Driver messaging

Tachomatics System On Tablet

Asset Monitoring

Monitor your assets in real-time, prevent theft and increase utilization, all with one system. Track your equipment, maximize productivity and automate the management of repairs to reduce vehicle downtime.

  • Location & theft monitoring

  • Utilization reporting

  • Status monitoring & alerting

  • Geofencing

  • Refrigerated trailer & cold chain monitoring

CameraMatics Fleet Management System Shows Driver Data


Control your environmental impact. A solution that seamlessly integrates into pre-existing workflows. Requiring no hardware.

  • Wear & tear analytics

  • Eco-driving style training & monitoring

  • Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions monitoring

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Automated safety compliance & reporting


CameraMatics is the single solution that delivers safer, smarter, fleet operations: and saves your business money as a result


CameraMatics is a flexible, scalable solution that works with even the most complex or unusual vehicles. Whatever the challenge, we have the solution.

Our Customer Stories

Woodland Group

“Connecting the back office with the driving team by enabling them to concentrate on driving safely confident in the knowledge that their and other road users’ safety is the entire team’s focus”

Simon Herron
Operations Director, Woodland Group


CameraMatics is the most sophisticated fleet operations solution on the market. But it’s incredibly easy to install, and incredibly easy to start seeing results. We have a dedicated customer success team on hand to ensure you’re always getting the best possible advice, and working to maximise your ROI.


Tired of collecting data from cameras and telematics – and having no idea what to do with it? CameraMatics is different. We automatically analyse data using AI to provide insights and intelligence to your business:


  • Personalised driver training programs and fleet safety programs
  • Automated in-cab warnings to prevent accidents before they happen
  • Recommendations for improved fuel efficiency
  • Monitoring of fleet usage, identification of optimal fleet size
  • Instant availability of all relevant data when accidents DO happen
driver vehicle checking smartphone

The tools you need to work together

CameraMatics is built for teams on the move. With customisable, dynamic workflows and live GPS tracking, you know what is going on, and where it is happening. Build and customise workflows and checklists for everything your teams do, all accessible from native mobile apps. We call it efficient operations in your pocket.

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