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Direct Vision Standard (DVS)

The Direct Vision Standard is a method for objectively assessing a driver’s visibility and the size of their blind spots while looking through their cab windows. The DVS rating for any vehicle can be obtained from the manufacturer, and if a ‘Safe System’ is required, it should be implemented.

Heavy goods vehicle (HGV) operators in the Greater London Area must possess a DVS safety permit or risk receiving a penalty charge notice. If you own an HGV with a gross vehicle weight of over 12 tonnes, you must obtain a safety permit before entering the Greater London Area or face a fine. The DVS safety permit scheme is being implemented round-the-clock throughout most of Greater London, and failure to obtain a permit could result in a fixed penalty notice of £550.

However, the fee can be reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days, and the driver may face a £130 fine. The DVS rating system uses a star system ranging from zero to five to rate the level of visibility. A score of zero indicates very poor visibility, while five stars represent the best visibility level from a HGV cab. This star system was introduced as an easy way to standardise and define the level of visibility.