Fleet management safety and performance

Our fleet management system is deployable to any vehicle type and translates big data from onboard vehicular sensors, smart cameras, and mobile worker apps into actionable insights to manage safety, achieve sustainability goals and optimize fleet performance.

Manager app

Manage, view, and automate your fleet operations with complete visibility.

  • Smart alerts, reports and notifications mean you always have your finger on the pulse

  • Full logs and video footage ensure you have a complete understanding of past and ongoing activities

  • Dynamic scorecards mean you understand how your drivers are performing

Driver app

Our powerful driver app empowers mobile workers.

  • Smart workflows automate manual safety checks and accident reporting

  • Driver self-coaching accelerates training and maximizes time spent on the road

  • Voice-tech reads messages, removing the need to physically check phones

  • Emergency ‘hot button’ to call help

Internet of drivers

Our system utilizes inputs from an array of vehicular sensors, mounted high-definition smart cameras, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. With cloud storage.

  • Open API for third party system integration

  • Deployable to any vehicle type including light commercial, passenger carrying, heavy-duty and trailers

  • Configurable range of front, back, sides, cab, rear and cargo cameras

  • Full-vehicle sensors provide detailed GPS and video telematics data so you can see the status of every vehicle

  • AI triggered smart alerts protect your vehicles, drivers and other road users


What are "smart workflows" ?

Simple intuitive mobile apps digitize traditional manual and paper-based fleet management processes such as driver coaching, accident reports and FNOL (first notification of loss), maintenance, and delivery reporting to enable the capturing and sharing of vital information in real-time, reducing the reliance on human memory and streamlining:

  • Claims and risk management
  • Training and development
  • Remote workforce management

What are "dynamic scorecards" ?

Simple intuitive IoT dashboards visualize big data from vehicles to discover trends in fleet utilization, driving performance, fuel consumption and vehicle CO2 emissions enabling fleet managers to:

  • Monitor and set targets
  • Manage and reduce mileage
  • Improve fuel efficiency

Targets can also be used as an effective means of devolving
accountability throughout your organization. For example, targets relating to fuel costs, mpg and mileage can be set companywide or for teams or even individuals

What are "eco-driving" styles ?

Badly driven and poorly maintained vehicles have higher emissions and fuel costs. Eco-driving styles significantly reduce the impact on the environment by lowering fuel consumption, exhaust emissions and improving the vehicles

Setting targets and rewarding positive behavior helps to focus attention on what is important and quantify the benefit of what is achievable.

Our dynamic scorecards ensure a rigorous approach to achieving your targets to put green fleet KPIs both at the heart of the day-today running of your fleet and your strategic management system to:

  • Promote eco-driving styles
  • Automate maintenance scheduling

How can adopting a video telematics solution lower my fleet insurance premiums?

When accident avoidance measures are combined with high-definition auto-captured video evidence it enables fleet operators to demonstrate compliance, provide indisputable evidence to protect against false claims and resolve genuine claims in a timely cost-efficient manner. Insurers are able to develop better informed risk profiles of fleets and pass on savings to fleet operators and expedite the claims process.

Insurance brokers and agents are moving quickly to integrate digital technologies into their operations
to increase customer satisfaction and introduce a leaner process with reduced follow-ups and recalculations or litigation.

How long does it take to install CameraMatics ?

It can take as little as 15 minutes to install.