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Posted 30 May 2022
Powells' Motorsport Team

Post race analysis of CameraMatics & Powell’s Motorsport partnership

Powell’s Motorsport based in Kent, has been racing for 15 years, however, last month they got their first taste of division one. Racing at Brands Hatch for a weekend long event, partaking in five races, kicking-off the 2022 season of the British Truck Racing Championship. With stiff competition, Powell’s Motorsport felt more confident than ever as they were entering the season equipped with more performance data and race information than ever.

Passionate about the sport, Steve Powell says “truck racing is in my blood – my father John Powell raced trucks in the 80s and passed the bug onto me”. “My ambition is to race division one and mix it with the top boys. That’s something we’ve never been able to do before, without dealing with CameraMatics.”

CameraMatics enhancing performance

CameraMatics are empowering the team with 8 racing in car onboard cameras, including forward facing, driver facing, side facing, rear facing & cameras viewing the brakes.

Using the technology, the trackside support technical team will be able to view a real-time feed from all onboard cameras, enabling them to give live updates to driver, Steve Powell during the race, accessing in-cab driver activity, competitor tailgating and watch for manoeuvres from other racers on track, who may attempt to pass them. CameraMatics fleet management system also monitors brake temperature, water flow, the pressure applied to the brakes and throttle around a corner. Additionally post-race, footage can be reviewed to access driver performance and to work on improvements for the next race.

“If we’re a split second slower around one bend we can see that on our camera footage where a lot of people can’t. And that is new and exciting for us as a team”.
Steve Powell
Powell’s Motorsport Racer

Improved racing performance

Throughout an intense weekend of racing, Steve Powell, and team, found themselves crossing the finishing line, faster, safer, and more confidently from one race to the next. From the first race finishing in 7th to the final race getting to stand atop the podium in 3rd place.

The trackside support team being live fed data from the cameras and sensors enabled them to give instantaneous and crucial information to Steve Powell. Empowering Steve to keep focus on the track ahead, edging them closer to being the first across the finish line.

“CameraMatics could be the difference
between us winning and losing.”
Steve Powell
Powell’s Motorsport Racer

Watch high octane racing made safer with CameraMatics

Commenting on the sponsorship partnership, CameraMatics’ CEO, Mervyn O’Callaghan says that:

“we’re excited to be part of Powell’s Motorsport’s journey this season. It’s as much about what happens off the track as on it. The team having access to critical real time visuals and data help them to better understand and develop their racing”.