The accident reduction system

Accidents are expensive. We stop them happening. And prevent all of the associated hassle and costs. Our systems detect more events, with higher accuracy, than any comparable solution on the market.

  • 360° visibility, plus driver monitoring for fatigue, distraction and phone use, with custom in-cab alerts

  • Detection of vulnerable road users and co-workers in danger areas, with clear audible and visual warnings

  • Customized driver training programs to improve safety over time

Native integration with Geotab

You like Geotab. So do we. In fact, we present telematics data from the Geotab product you already use, right there in the CameraMatics dashboard. That means you can get total visibility on your fleet in one place, including:

  • Data on fuel efficiency and vehicle performance 

  • Live GPS tracking of the entire fleet, with live streaming from any vehicle 

  • Automated accident reporting 

  • System status, so you know everything is working as it should be

There when the worst happens

We take the pain out of accident reporting. When an accident happens, we support drivers and ensure they know how to proceed. We automatically capture all relevant video footage. As a result, you save time, protect against fraudulent claims, reduce insurance costs – and give your drivers peace of mind.

Making safer, supported drivers

CameraMatics is all about supporting the driver. We enable custom feedback based on real driving events and real footage, that help drivers improve over time. We enable drivers to have their skill recognized via driver scoring. And we provide detailed interactive training for all drivers, so they can keep those skills sharp. 

It’s about staying safe and ensuring everyone returns home at the end of the working day.

See CameraMatics in action

Want to see more? This brief overview demonstrates how we reduce accidents and support drivers throughout your organization.

Want a free trial of the safety center?

If you’re an organization under the City of Chicago umbrella. You are eligible for a free trial of the CamerMatics Safety Center. No hardware is required: the Safety Center provides driver training and support, plus customizable workflows for any process that matters to you (including that all important accident reporting) 

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