Vehicle Event (Accident) Data Recorder

Event (Accident) Data Recorder

An event data recorder (EDR), also known as a motor vehicle event data recorder (MVEDR), is a device found in certain automobiles that records information related to traffic collisions. Often referred to as an automotive black box, it is a tamper-proof, read-write memory device that must meet federal standards in the United States as described in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

The EDR’s role is limited compared to journey data recorders, such as the digital tachograph in Europe or electronic logging device in the USA, which are also known as black boxes or in-vehicle data recorders.

In modern diesel trucks, EDRs are triggered by electronically sensed engine problems or sudden changes in wheel speed, which may occur due to an accident. After a crash or event, information from these devices can be collected and analyzed to help determine the vehicle’s actions before, during, and after the event.