Improving Road Safety

General Safety Regulation (GSR)

The General Safety Regulation, also known as GSR, under Regulation (EC) No. 661/2009, outlines the type of approval requirements for ensuring the general safety of motor vehicles, their trailers, and the systems, components, and separate technical units designed for them.

Starting July 2024, all new trucks sold in the European Union must adhere to the updated GSR, which mandates several advanced safety features. In 2019, the GSR was revised to incorporate new advances in automotive safety aimed at reducing the risk of accidents caused by human error. Consequently, a range of active safety systems designed to support drivers will become mandatory in new trucks from July 2024.

The GSR is a crucial component of a larger effort aimed at enhancing traffic safety, including better risk mapping and updated rules on road infrastructure, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists in growing cities. Similar safety regulations are likely to be implemented in other countries in the coming years. Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the UK, and Israel are already committed to following the new GSR, even outside of the European Union.